woodchip 23:51 23 Jun 2003

It appears that the site is not working as it should, I have been experiencing trouble through out the day with delays and now pages not fully loading enough for the page to activate the browser stop button ie it looks like it still needs to load but the page appears fully loaded. Tried Netscape and Opera things are OK on other sites with netscape the icon that shows it looking is not stopping Opera the stop button does not appear

  woodchip 00:06 24 Jun 2003

This just shows how cockeyed PCA is at the moment you Click Hear does not work although created by PCA site

  woodchip 00:07 24 Jun 2003

PS I have also had the same prob as you last pic not loading

  woodchip 00:21 24 Jun 2003

This is the server that it sticks on every time numbers after this show

  woodchip 00:47 24 Jun 2003

Yes done that but it?s a nusance the last pic not loading

  Forum Editor 01:03 24 Jun 2003

is why you feel compelled to take up forum space with these threads. Why don't you simply email me?

If you did I would respond personally, and I would explain that at ten minutes to midnight I am hardly likely to be able to delve deep into the workings of a server that is a dozen miles away from where I sit. I would say that I'll pass your comments on to the person who runs the server, and that we'll try to sort the problem out.

That's the whole point of having the 'Contact moderator' button.

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