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  alan227 16:18 29 Aug 2005

I appreciate that a lot of work goes into this website and that there have been a lot of posts about the performance of it lately.
But why are you giving such negative answers, like if you are not satisfied go to another forum, then locking the thread so that person can not reply.
I have been on this forum for several years and so have some of those people whom you have told to go to other forums if they are not satisfied.
I like Last chip do not have the knowledge to help this situation, and although it might seem that all these posts are getting at you, all we want is for it to run correctly and not be told to go to another forum when we post about the faults on it.

  LastChip 16:21 29 Aug 2005

Thank you alan227.

  dave_and_confused 16:28 29 Aug 2005

... so if it doesn't run too well then you can't complain. No-one owes you anything here. Sure it's frustrating but maybe the solution isn't easy or cheap and has to be weighed up for the long term benefit and not a short term fix.

I'm sure 99% of the complainers have never been in the FE's position and to tell the FE what advice he can or should give out is not for anyone else to say.

I agree with the FE. If someone has a complaint about the speed then go to other forums - it's a free world (internet??). Hey, the quality of the answers may not be as good as PCA but it'll be faster - and that's what matters, right?

NEVER look a gift horse in the mouth.

  Al94 16:35 29 Aug 2005

If it's a resource issue, wonder if they have considered introducing a membership fee? I for one would be happy to pay a modest fee per annum to have the privelege of accessing this forum. Modest fee times over 100,000 users would add up!

  alan227 16:35 29 Aug 2005

I was not trying to tell the FE what he can or cannot say, all I was saying is his attitude to these postings is go somewhere else if you do not like it and then he locks the post so the person cannot reply, has he the right to be autocratic?.

  Al94 16:38 29 Aug 2005

Alan - he has. You might not agree but overall he does a first class job of controlling this forum - you only have to look at some of the garbage posted on other forums which deteriorate over time and are not properly controlled.

  Taff36 16:39 29 Aug 2005

I think FE is perfectly within his rights to make such a comment and we should take his comments in the way they were intended. It`s about time everyone stopped moaning and just accepted that until they can sort the problem out we`ll have to "bear with them".
If PCA decide to close down the site for repairs for a couple of days that would be fine, wouldn`t it? At least they wouldn`t be barraged by moaners for 24 hours. We can always switch to another friendly forum for that length of time - "there are plenty...." - some run by very familiar names here.

It doesn`t help when FE asks people to keep away from My Postings, they don`t so he disables the link, and then some "smart alec" posts a way round it! Some people just can`t wake up and smell the coffee.

This forum is the best there is so let`s not knock it. We make it what it is and if we contribute to the problems we get what we deserve. Think about it!

  pj123 16:56 29 Aug 2005

There is a saying "If you can't stand the heat, get out of the kitchen"

This is a huge site (I would think second only to the BBC site) Everyone involved with it is trying their hardest to sort out all the problems. Disabling the My Postings hasn't (at the moment) made much difference, so maybe that isn't the problem.

Give them a chance (it can't be done in an instant, it might take months) and I am sure we will have a fantastic site in the end.

  dogbreath1 17:02 29 Aug 2005

This is indeed a mighty fine forum with quality content. But as the FE has written before, improvements are always possible. Many problems noted above are readily avoidable. If, for example, this forums' software has the ability to 'stick' a thread, and even if this was only used for FE announcements, surely it's use would benefit all of us. Stickies like 1. Please do not use the My Postings facility until further notice, and 2. We are currently experiencing server difficulties, please be patient until we can resolve the problem; would hopefully prevent a thread like this (and many others) from being posted in the first place. And although it's a free site, a modicum of tact and diplomacy on all sides would not go amiss. ;-)

  alan227 17:04 29 Aug 2005

I accept that these problems cannot be resolved in an instant, I was not getting at the FE because of the site problems, just his cavalier attitude of if you do not like it go somewhere else.

  PUNKA 17:05 29 Aug 2005

It's the Bank Holiday weekend we are all at home enjoying the break,Other's are working, some of them trying to rectify the situation,let's all keep the right perspective on this, it will be sorted but not straight away.F.E. We do appreciate the work you and the team do it reflects in the Quality of the site.

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