To the FE

  pj123 16:11 07 Dec 2003

Sorry but you have just lost me as a Forum member and also as a PCA Magazine Subscriber. My subscription has been cancelled. Goodbye all.

  Sir Radfordin 16:33 07 Dec 2003

Quote pj123:

"I believe this is the best Forum that I have registered with and I am staying"

Ever thought of going into government?

  Salinger 16:37 07 Dec 2003

Changing his mind is his business or do you have inside information?

  The GnoMe 17:02 07 Dec 2003

Why whats happend to make you so mad, you have given lots of help to everyone in this forum including me

why are you leaving?

  961 17:07 07 Dec 2003

See "is PCA a victim..." thread

  pj123 17:32 07 Dec 2003

Sir Radfordin, Yes I did say that but since then I have changed my mind because it has taken me more than 5 minutes to post a response to someone else's post. There are many other PC Magazines that have Forums where the same information is available.

  byfordr 17:42 07 Dec 2003

Its a shame to see you go.

The current problems that are aflicting the PCA site are irritating, but I do think that this is one of the better sites, and forums. I just hope that the problems are sorted soon.

  muppetmark 18:49 07 Dec 2003

I too am having the same problem with log in times page loading etc.

I've run a tracert to the site, no timeouts in any of the hops to the site, therefore to me the problem lies either with PCA servers or the 'added extras' It is a problem when just moving from post to post takes so long, how many new registrants will return if this continues.

ps I have 1mb bb no problems elsewhere even surfing around the world no matter the time of day.

  bremner 18:54 07 Dec 2003

It does seem a rather drastic step to cancel your subscription to what is probably the best computer magazine available just because that magazines Forum is experiencing some technical difficulties which the moderator has already said will be investigated after the weekend.

  Morpheus? 19:22 07 Dec 2003

well PJ has not quite gone yet because he is still posting in this thread....since the first post, they come and go, that is life.....

  Installer 19:33 07 Dec 2003

Maybe he'll do what I did and throw my toys out of the pram, and come back as somebody else after a cooling down period.

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