FDISK & Reinstalling Windows XP

  RJack 16:55 29 May 2007

I wish to wipe my Hardrive completely clean & start with a fresh reinstall of Windows XP.

I've been told to FDisk my computer however i do not have a floppy disk with this program on.

I do have Partition Magic 8 on my current set up but i have lost the disk so i'm going to repartition via FDisk.

How do I create or find this disk to be able use this program then boot off to reload Windows XP?

I've decided to make:-

C Drive as my primary for Windows XP.

I've also thought about redirecting the My Documents folder to D Drive which i will create and call my Data drive when using FDisk.

E Drive i will make for Games.

If i make a partition for a Swap drive, how do I get Windows to manage it via FDisk? also how big do i need to make a swap drive when partitioning?

Sorry for all the questions but i'm quite new to this all

Many thanks

  Zak 18:23 29 May 2007

Here is a good place to start:

click here

click here

  Zak 18:30 29 May 2007

Have a look here:

click here

Also Google under WinXP Pagefile - there are various schools of thought. It is recommended for the pagefile to be on a separate partition to the one with the OS.

Swap file tends to refer to previous versions of Windows, however it is the same thing.

  G-WOLF 20:55 29 May 2007

Can anyone advise on jpeg images with a screwed header. The files are there -vide Notebook and Wordpad, but wont load into PaintShopPro or any other functional program. Ive tried all the recovery programmes, and a screwed header to the picture is my last desperate guess. Can anyone re-constitute such?

  Kate B 21:05 29 May 2007

G-wolf, you need to start your own thread; and give it a title that indicates what your problem is, not your forum name. I suggest you put it in the helproom, too - this is the Vista forum.

  Kate B 21:06 29 May 2007

Good grief, I can be dim - this is of course not the Vista forum, it's Absolute Beginners and the right place for your query. Sorry - but do start your own thread.

  lotvic 21:16 29 May 2007

You do not need Fdisk.
XP will give you the options you need to format and partition when you boot from the CD
go to click here and learn from the guides (with screenshots) how to reinstall XP

  RJack 08:45 30 May 2007

Thanks for all your great advice. Just one more question

I now think the problem might be down to a dodgy stick of Ram.

I have 2 sticks of PC400 512ddr MB ram but i think one of these is faulty. Is there any sure way i can check which one it is?

I play online games however my computer freezes up and i can do nothing except reset my pc (cold boot).

I have all the latest drivers for my pc so the only thing i can narrow it down to is memory. I might be completely wrong but if there is a way i can check it might help

Many thanks again all

  G-WOLF 11:40 30 May 2007

You are not dim Kate B, but you were trying to be helpful and for that I thank you without recrimination.

  Devil Fish 14:12 30 May 2007

if you want to test the ram remove 1 stick boot the machine see how it goes then repeat with the stick you took out install it on its own and boot also could be a faulty slot on the board

another cause of freezes could be heat while you open your case
to do the ram may be worth checking your heatsinks and fans if they need a clean give them a good blow out with some air duster and see how it goes

  RJack 16:57 30 May 2007

Thanks again,

I'm going to try run this program 1st

click here

If it reports back any errors i will open the case and remove the ram 1 by one like you explained.

I will check heatsinks & fans when i open the case & swap the ram though.

Thanks for the advice, I really hope i resolve the problem.

If it doesn't turn out to be the memory i think i'll just do a fresh install.

When i partition my hard drive is it worth creating a partition for Data & Changing the directory on the My Documents to the Date File?

E.G Data file = D:\Data\My Documents or something?

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