FDisk Problem- 30 Gb Drive will only format 4.7 Gb

  [DELETED] 15:05 05 Dec 2003

Samsung 30.2 Gb Hard Drive.

Try to set it up as a slave drive for backups in a new Windows Me PC.

For some reason when the drive was the Master and only hard drive in an old PC it was formatted so only 4.7 Gb of the drive was used!!

I've FDisk-ed the drive to 30.2 Gb but when it comes to format it it only wants to format 4.7 Gb!!!

All the usual things checked. Large Disk Support, all old partitions deleted and a new one created.

What could i be doing wrong?

Also what type of partition should i be using? Primary or Extended? I understand it that the first partition on any drive is the Primary partition and all other are Extended. Or is that wrong?

I've got the drive here. Whats the easiest way to do this on a Win XP PC? I have a Win Me Boot Disk.

  [DELETED] 15:09 05 Dec 2003

New PC has a brand new Mobo etc (Asus something - runs DDR400 RAM so not old) and also runs the 80 Gb drive supplied fine.

  [DELETED] 15:51 05 Dec 2003

Does the Drive have a size restriction jumper ? some drives have them.

I asume the bios sees the correct size I would try fdisk and format from a Boot floppy. Delete any partions and create a Primary active partition using the whole drive. then format.

otherwise Have you tried partion magic ?

  [DELETED] 15:54 05 Dec 2003

Can't see a size restriction jumper?

BIOS shows 30 Gb too. Even FDisk confirms 30 Gb used at 100%. Format shows Formatting 4.7Gb...

Will try again

  [DELETED] 16:20 05 Dec 2003

You could try this click here

Might work as it's their own setup utility.

  [DELETED] 16:43 05 Dec 2003


Like a fool i didn't read the instructions properly.

I FDISK-ed and then formatted before rebooting.

Doing it the right way round.


Sorry to waste time....

Thanks to all who responded.

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