fdisk or partition magic?

  Pier1 16:25 12 Feb 2003

What's the best way to partition my drive? I'm about to install a new 60GB hard drive and would like to know if its best to partition using the basic fdisk thing at the very start or to use Partition Magic after installing the operating system (Win98 SE). Thing is, I might want to adjust/resize the partitions later.

Any advice?

  crimbo 16:40 12 Feb 2003

Partition Magic would be your best bet, because it is so easy, also if you want to rejig the sizes of your partitions later, you can do so without re-formatting, or losing data

  Pier1 16:50 12 Feb 2003

How much of the functionality comes with the Partition Magic free trial version?

  Terrahawk 16:52 12 Feb 2003

Pier1 defenitly partition magic its more functional but dont forget to back up before making any changes

  Terrahawk 16:55 12 Feb 2003
  Pier1 16:58 12 Feb 2003

"This is an evaluation version of PartitionMagic which will allow you to experience the product features but will NOT allow you to implement any changes"

Can anyone explain what this means?

  flecc 17:00 12 Feb 2003

Yes again, Partition Magic.

Fdisk is an old and crude tool which often gets the partition and sector boundaries wrong.

Although it's rare for this to cause later trouble, it will prevent Partition Magic from starting to operate if you adopt it in future, since that's programmed to refuse to operate if any data loss could be involved.

A wrong boundary can mean a file sitting across the boundary and that would cause it to be damaged when partitioning, hence the refusal.

Finally, an incorrect boundary can damage data and is the cause of many a mysterious minor corruption of files.

  flecc 17:02 12 Feb 2003

That evaluation version only allows you to practise the setting up to familiarise yourself with the procedure before attacking the hard drive for real. It will not apply the changes. For that you need to purchase the product.

  flecc 17:04 12 Feb 2003

Unfortunately the product can't be working fully but timelocked as with other dems because it's integral floppy program is the also the full product and you could use that for ever without paying.

  Pier1 17:04 12 Feb 2003

Can anyone suggest a good free equvalent?

  Pier1 17:11 12 Feb 2003

Ranish seems highly recommended, any comments?

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