fdisk missing from startup disk

  Rogue 12:17 16 Dec 2003

hi guys, well after following the directions stated on a website on how to install a second harddrive, i kinda fell at the first hurdle. i created a startup disk as directled, but when i came to boot fdisk from the a:\ prompt i keep getting bad file command errors, i have followed the website directions exactly, but still can't get fdisk to run, any ideas would be greatful

  Diemmess 12:21 16 Dec 2003

A "setup" rather than a "startup" disk would have it. See if you can find and copy from the CD or failing that there must be a friend or website with FDISK.EXE

Copy to your floppy and you are away.

  MAJ 12:31 16 Dec 2003

Or download a new bootdisk from click here

  Rogue 13:10 17 Dec 2003

OK guys cheers for the advice, i spent a good few hours following your leads, however i found FDISK.EXE on my own PC, after copying to the boot floppy, i thought i would be sorted. However this time DOS is telling me it is the wrong version. What version do i need when trying to format a new blank harddrive.

one more point, can this process be completed without any windows OS cd's

  keith-236785 13:59 17 Dec 2003

before you can run fdisk from the startup floppy you have to let it create the ram drive which contains the fdisk prog.

put the startup disk in drive, restart computer.

when you get the menu, choose option 2, let it run until you get the A> prompt then try typing fdisk + press enter. if you need a new bootdisk, click here, and choose a WIN 98 start up disk (best one in my opinion), if it is a zipped file you will need to unzip it to a floppy.

good luck, if you need help with fdisk just come back.

  keith-236785 14:03 17 Dec 2003


forgot a bit on above, when you get to the A> prompt, you will need to type the letter of the ram drive that was created eg D:or E: +press enter, (it will tell you what letter it is, but it will always be one before the cdrom's) then type fdisk + press enter.

  jollyjohn 14:09 17 Dec 2003

Have you had a look on the manufacturers website, of your 2nd HDD. there will probably be a downloadable utility to format a new HDD.
Alternatively find a copy of Partition Magic by Powerquest and this gives you nice graphical window to sort your HDDs and partitions.

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