Fdisk and Formatting a Dual Drive Win2kPro Rig....

  SketcH 13:09 15 Apr 2004


Advice. Pointers. Fail safes.


Feed my brain. :o)


I want to reinstall 'Windows 2000 Professional' over the top of the old installation on the 80gb F:// (Primary) and create one NTFS readable partition on the secondary. (C://, 40gb)


Leaving 'Win2kPro' on my 80gb primary, and my 40gb secondary becoming a big mass of empty space, readable by the primary.

It sounds easy enough but..... I bet it isn't.


Last time I had to do this I only had one harddrive. Though Win2kPro is thankfully easier to do than 98SE.....


P.S: Simply because I saw them and was a little chuffed, to say the least.... I feel compelled to wave 'bragging rights' that I own those 5.1 flat panel 'Philips' speakers that you can see rotating in some of these ad-banners. They are very special. And look really smart.

There are two aux connections on the sub enabling you to also connect things like a TV and a Hifi, whilst the hardware itself is capable of upmixing the stereo output from ALL speakers, through the remote control. Oooooh. The white noise..... Its magic. (With hardware equalisers too!)

Plus. From what I can workout, though the cabling wasn't supplied.... (Many many, cables!) The setup can also output DIGITAL 5.1 audio. Which. Seeing as analog makes my ears bleed, should be lots of fun.

One minor note though. Keep the 'sub' away from the 'rig'. It may be a small grey box; but 'w00x' technology is quite capable of making the rig shudder along to your favourite song/movie. Which can only be a bad thing for your lasers and hard disk needles..... Eeep.

'Audigy2 ZS' baby, yeah!!!! :OP

Ok. I'm done. Go buy a set. You'll get paid soon, and better than ODEON audio is suitable sustenance for the next four weeks...... You know you want to.... >:oP


Sorry about that. But its not often I have shiny new hardware. You may flame me now. :o)

Thanks for any assistance that you can spare me on the formatting issues.


  Â ÑÌÇKÑÂMË 13:14 15 Apr 2004

Should be ok but the C drive may not show up until its been formated by windows,I have 1 drive with my OS on and another for games and when i reinstall the OS the other drive is there in managment but not useable until formatted.then it can see both drives.


  Â ÑÌÇKÑÂMË 13:15 15 Apr 2004

Should say that i have never reinstalled xp over the top of itself i always clean install.


  SketcH 13:19 15 Apr 2004

click here

^ Philips A 3.600 - PC multimedia home theatre speaker system - 100 Watt (Total)

In case of interest. This is what you are looking for. :o)

  SketcH 13:25 15 Apr 2004

Yeah. I know. I tried it, and it didn't recognise the secondary. So. Not knowing what Fdisk is, I formatted C:// aswell.

However, this now means I'm dual booting, though I only ever use F://, just to get the C:// to appear whilst using F://!

(I meant clean install.) Though, interestingly, the last time I told the disc to perform that action it left a lot of folders and files from the last installation, and Windows had convinced itself that noting was installed. (Add/Remove)

Scariness. Anyone with step by step instructions?

Ideally 'lamens'..... :o)


  SketcH 13:14 17 Apr 2004

Um. Hello?

Please. Still wandering in the dark. Can't see my hands in front of my face...... *Thud*



Surely. Someone knows how to do this?!

  SketcH 11:53 23 Apr 2004


  SketcH 13:00 24 Apr 2004


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