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I'm a new member who would like some help.

I have a PC here that was originally a Tiny PC running Windows 98 with 32mb RAMand nothing much else. Someone has installed XP on it and converted file system to NTFS.

I've been trying to use fdsik (on ME Boot Disk) to delete the NTFS, but other than ask me if I want large disk support enabled nothing happens other than it goes back to A:\.

It doesn't seem to want to work with the XP set of boot disks either.

Any suggests as to how I can get around this problems


  lotvic 20:45 03 Apr 2006

I would be inclined to get my screwdriver out and take the hard drive out, swap the jumper setting to make it a slave, hook it up to another pc that is running XP and format the slave to FAT32 through XP's Disk Management facility.

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That's one thing I haven't got around to doing. Was trying all other options first. Also I was looking to see if there was a reson why it wouldn't even boot from an XP CD-ROM


  beeuuem 20:59 03 Apr 2006

Does this tutorial help?click here

Bear in mind that you will lose all data on The hard drive. I assume that you want start from scratch with a clean disk.

  [DELETED] 22:27 03 Apr 2006

A few basics - does it still have 32 MB RAM? if so it won't run XP. Why do you wish to change from NTFS it is a better system than FAT32. If you want to reformat then thre are better ways than using F Disk perhaps you would explain exactly what set up you have and exactly what you are looking to do with it

  woodchip 22:30 03 Apr 2006

Download and run this, click here then you can use the normal Fdisk to create new Partition

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Yes it has 32mb RAM and a 500MHz cpu. I'm amazed how whoever had it before managed to get XP on it

Kill Disk has deleted the NTFS partition
Thanks for help, I'll get back if I have any more problems

  [DELETED] 11:14 04 Apr 2006

I still can't get FDISK to work. All I get is 'do you want to enable large disk support', I put in 'Y' and it just goes back to the A:\. I've tried 4 boot disks up to now and it the same for all of them.

It's really weird

  [DELETED] 11:57 04 Apr 2006

lotvic's advice.

If no good, yellow envelope me.;-)

  [DELETED] 12:22 04 Apr 2006

What make is the hard disk?
If hard disks are playing hard to get, I always resort to using the manufacturer's format/install software, downloadable from their home site.
You will probably need the specific software from the right manufacturer, as they tend to check that a Maxtor/Seagate/Hitachi disk is installed.
That should also check the hard disk for any errors.

Have you set the bios priorities to floppy~CD~HDD?

Have you used FORMAT to format the drive first?

  woodchip 21:24 04 Apr 2006

If the boot fisc's have beeb created on a XP computer, that's may be why they don't work. See if you can make a boot disc on a ME or 98 comp

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