FDD Light on!!! Constantly !!

  [DELETED] 22:46 23 Nov 2003

Cable is in correctly and have checked it thoroughly. Also - it has norches on the side of the connector which fit one way only into slots.

Have tried another FDD and another cable and the light still stays on.

Could there be a fault in BIOS or is that nowt to do with it?

Why is this happening? Offers ??

  [DELETED] 22:51 23 Nov 2003

the floppy disk cable can usually fit both ways round on the drive. I reckon its the wrong way round. Try it the other way and you should be fine.

  hugh-265156 23:01 23 Nov 2003

as above.if that doesnt work:

replace the cable.

replace the drive.

  [DELETED] 23:06 23 Nov 2003

Have tried another FDD and another cable together and still got the same problem. Would not appear to be either of those at fault

  [DELETED] 23:07 23 Nov 2003

Agree with above, try turning the cable round. I don't mean swap ends but turn it over at the drive end. j.

  [DELETED] 23:09 23 Nov 2003

I also mean the flat ribbon cable, not the power cable. j.

  [DELETED] 23:12 23 Nov 2003

I forgot to mention that I have never touched the cable and it was working fine and now it does not. Do not understand how the cable can be moved 'magically'.

  hugh-265156 23:17 23 Nov 2003
  wee eddie 20:49 24 Nov 2003

List version of Windows and software in use and installed. This could help.

  [DELETED] 22:28 24 Nov 2003

If it's not the drive, not the cable, not the cable fitted incorrectly, and not the BIOS setting - then it must be the motherboard - QED.

  wee eddie 09:28 26 Nov 2003

What software do you have installed?

There are a number of programs that do not open at startup but constantly access the HDD while the PC is turned on.

Why not take the time to tell us what you have loaded?

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