faxing in xp help needed

  AL47 11:53 09 Oct 2007

hi, ive set up the fax thing on xp, but am having trouble filling in the boxes with dialing rules etc
also i dont know how to put an english number in,

if a normal number was

what would i have to put in the 'to' box
and what do i have to use in dialing rules?

thanks for any help

  Diemmess 14:40 09 Oct 2007

I so seldom use FAX these days that my most recent computer hasn't been configured for FAX (XP Pro) until today.

I'll try and remember the order of play. The exact order is already hazy!

A Word document ready and saved but still open.

Offline, closed Internet connection and unplugged the DSL modem.

Plugged the dialup modem into a BT socket. (It was already mounted on the motherboard.)

Start > all programs > Accessories > Communications > Fax and install as prompted.

Control Panel > Add/Remove Programs (on the left column) Add/Remove Windows Components.

Scroll the list and tick the Fax box. You will need your XP install CD to complete this.

Now, back to Word and in the file dropdown choose print, and then choose Fax from the Printer list. The prompts are offered to the point where you can sit back and let it have its way!

There is quite a lot of this in Windows Help, and of course pull the plug on Broadband before you plug in the old dial-up modem to avoid confusing the poor old PC.

  beeuuem 15:51 09 Oct 2007

The 'To' box is for the name of the person or company to whom you are sending the fax.
Normally you wouldn't need to use the dialling rules so you could untick this box - or just enter the code of your local exchange and do not edit the rules.

  AL47 16:00 09 Oct 2007

will i need to disconnect wireless on my laptop before?

and the main problem is in what way do i have to put the number phone number in, ie with dashes/brackets, +44 etc

  anchor 16:18 09 Oct 2007

If you are sending a Fax to a UK number, just enter the number without +44, and ensure that a zero is the first. Sometimes when international numbers are given they omit this. Don`t use spaces are fullstops. You don`t need to disconnect anything. Remember, you have to use a dial up modem.

On the other hand, if you are sending a Fax abroad, then dial something like

0033123456789, where 33 is the code for France. Substitute 33 for the international dialling code for the country you are calling. Omit the first zero if you already have their local number which includes it. Here is a list of dialling codes.

click here

  AL47 16:24 09 Oct 2007

will it give confirmation if it has been sent?

  anchor 16:30 09 Oct 2007

I don`t know what the MS Fax programme does; I only use WinFax, which does inform me of a satisfactory transmission.

This may be useful:

click here

  Diemmess 16:50 09 Oct 2007

Yes, A small window appears and goes through the number of seconds it has taken and eventually says the sending is complete.

(There is a tickbox if like me you want the wee window to stay until otherwise cancelled.)

  pj123 17:55 09 Oct 2007

AL47, you do have an internal analogue modem installed don't you?

  AL47 18:03 09 Oct 2007

my laptop has a internal wireless, a network port and conexant v.92 modem, im guessiung thats the one?

  anchor 10:57 10 Oct 2007

conexant v.92 modem:

Yes, that the one.

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