Faxing with broadband

  Ops 21:13 22 Jun 2004

Does anybody know if I can fax with broadband

  LastChip 21:44 22 Jun 2004

click here and read the FE's post and my own for an explanation.

  gabriella 21:45 22 Jun 2004

Good question - I am having exactly the same problem and I can't work out what's wrong.

Everything else seems hunky dory...... I have set up a thread on PC Review with the same queston - keep your eye on that as well as this site and let's see what people suggest.

Kind regards

Gabriella x

  gabriella 21:52 22 Jun 2004

I have just read the previous thread referred to by Lastchip (above my last post) - no offence but I can't make head nor tail of this....... I can see that it is possible but what I (and perhaps others need here) is some plain English no nonsense information.

Very simple, clear answers please.....

Gabriella xx

  end 21:59 22 Jun 2004

is this of mine of any help or......click here.....

  end 22:01 22 Jun 2004

(ooops!!!!!!) should have read the thread "properly".......( I still havent tried it yet though!!!!!!!!!)

  beeuuem 22:05 22 Jun 2004

To connect to a distant fax machine you have to be able to dial the telephone number of the fax line.
On Broadband you can't dial telephone numbers so you can't send a fax.
To send a fax directly from your PC you need to connect to the telephone network using a standard dial-up modem.

  LastChip 00:24 23 Jun 2004

But I don't know how to make it any plainer!

Your ADSL modem plugs into one side of your filter and the analog (ordinary) modem plugs into the other. As the plugs are different sizes, it's difficult to get it wrong!

When you send a FAX, you send it via your ANALOG modem. (as presumably you have done in the past).

Whether you are connected to broadband at that point in time is irrelevant, as it is the "normal" part of the telephone line that sends the FAX.

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