hallc 18:53 18 Oct 2005

Iwould like to send faxes through my pc, does anyone know of any trial/free software to try this,if indeed it is possible.

Many thanks

  Hamish 18:56 18 Oct 2005

Try click here also type Faxes into Google

  DieSse 22:55 18 Oct 2005

If you're using WinXP it already has fax software in it.

Most modems also come with a CD with a faxing program too - look in the set of CDs that came with your system

If you're on broadband, then it's different. You cannot actually send a fax on BB, only on a dial-up line via a regular modem. OR you can use a service such as efax (see above) which translates emails sent via BB, to and from faxes. I use efax for receiving faxes, have done for 5 years or more - it works well.

  Stuartli 23:15 18 Oct 2005

As stated you need a fax capable modem to send and receive faxes - if you have broadband you can still use a dialup modem (with a PAYG account for minimum cost) to send faxes.

The problem with receiving faxes is that the modem has to be available to do so, which is a problem with a line that will be used for voice calls.

I use Tiscali's return fax service which delivers faxes in e-mail form - you get a dedicated 0871-xxx-xxx fax number from Tiscali and takes a percentage of the cost of the call made by those sending you a fax.

  Stuartli 23:16 18 Oct 2005

You add XP's Fax Console (the latest in a long run of excellent fax utilities from Microsoft for Windows) via Add/Remove Components.

  hallc 16:30 19 Oct 2005

Hi again
I am on xp and have tried to use the fax facility
to no avail
so I downloaded Hamish`s solution thanks for that
I will see how it goes , meanwhile thank you every one else for your help, I will most likely be stuck in the future .

  Hamish 16:37 19 Oct 2005

I gave up using the PC for Fax and bought a cheap fax/answer machine. a sagen, and use that on the odd occasion I have to send Faxes and as the machine is dual purpose I do not have to leave the PC on when away for any length of time. Cheap machines can be found in ebay

  Hamish 16:42 19 Oct 2005

P.S. Sagems are not that cheap, I just got it years ago at a good price.

  Jackcoms 18:29 19 Oct 2005

"you can still use a dialup modem (with a PAYG account for minimum cost) to send faxes"


Why do you need a PAYG account or any other account for that matter?

If you send/receive faxes from your PC using a dial-up modem you are simply sending/receiving faxes down the normal telephone line as you would with any fax and, thus, no dial-up account is needed.

You just need the fax software, such as XP's fax services (as you stated) or the excellent Phone Tools utility by BVRP (which usually comes bundled with Dell PCs for example).

  buckland 18:42 28 Nov 2005

Jackcoms. In your response (19/10/05) to Stuartli can you confirm whether or not the PC is being over-exposed to incoming virus (Diallers, etc.)by having an open analogue line into an old modem as distinct from the BB modem. Does the usual Norton,MS Spyware, AdWare and Adwatch still provide adequate and certain protection to the PC. I may have got this wrong but any confirmation would be reassuring. If there were no potential danger how is it that the Fax to E-Mail (in and out) providers are in business? BUCKLAND

  DieSse 19:45 28 Nov 2005

Faxing via an analogue modem over a dial-up line is the exact equivalent to just a normal fax machine to fax machine link - ie one telephone to another. You are not on the net in any way. There is zero possibility of viruses or any other nasty, it's just a telephone call.

Fax to email services exist to enable faxes to be received and/or sent without having a dial-up link.

I've used efax for years for incoming faxes. It means I can get faxes sent to me without having to have a fax machine, and without having to leave a computer switched on to act as a fax machine. efax receive the fax, turn it into an email, then I pick up the email as normal.

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