Fax software Broadband

  caast ©? 19:56 16 Jul 2003

Since changing to broadband I have deleted all reference to the 56k modem and the cheyenne Bitware Fax software.

What software can I install and use for faxing documents?

I have Windows98SE and Actel speedtouch broadband.

  graham√ 20:01 16 Jul 2003

No software required for this one, it's text only, though. click here

  accord 20:11 16 Jul 2003

i take it you havent got the install disc for your old modem. any chance of asking a friend to borrow thiers.

  caast ©? 20:21 16 Jul 2003

I have half a dosen discs with Bitware,

I thought it would not pick up a broadband modem

  accord 20:25 16 Jul 2003

caast ©?

not sure if fax works through BB. It definately doesnt work through NTL BB so i have modem connected to BT line for that.

  accord 20:33 16 Jul 2003

click here for threads on faxing with broadband

  accord 20:35 16 Jul 2003

that link worked well, NOT

do a search for fax and broadband in all discussions, in the search box at the Helproom front screen. Should get the answer there.


  graham√ 20:38 16 Jul 2003

What's wrong with my site?

  caast ©? 20:46 16 Jul 2003

Search for threads on faxing with broadband

I did this before posting my thread, I usually do a search in the forum before posting any threads

graham√ will take a look with pleasure, anything to get me going ( I don't mean that in any derogatory way) Just point me there, click on my mail link and send me the url M

  graham√ 20:48 16 Jul 2003

See my post of 20:01 and click where it says 'click here', in blue.

  caast ©? 20:48 16 Jul 2003

Sorry I didn't realise what you meant silly me

Sorry I require to send graphics as well as text.

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