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  Randum Ian 11:41 01 Jul 2003

Morning all,

What are your views on fax software? Is it worth it or will it never replace the worthy fax machine?

What I need is a piece of kit that sits on my PC that can be loaded up quickly and then a button is clicked to start to accept the fax.

What are your recommendations?

Cheers, Ian.

  beeuuem 13:09 01 Jul 2003

The threads here may help you click here

  pj123 14:48 01 Jul 2003

beeuuem, your link doesn't go anywhere?

Randum Ian if you have a dialup modem the disk that came with it should have some fax software on it. Normally, supervoice or faxtalk. either of these will set your PC up as a fax machine. you will need to keep your PC switched on and either supervoice or faxtalk running all the time to receive faxes. Alternatively, you could do what I do and subscribe to Trinite (£23) a year and all incoming faxes will go in to your email inbox. To send faxes from your PC, any programme that has a print function will enable you to do this.

  beeuuem 15:00 01 Jul 2003

Apologies - definitely not one of my better days.

  DieSse 15:25 01 Jul 2003

Or go to click here, and see if they are still doing their FREE FAX to email service (free only for incoming tho').

  pj123 15:28 01 Jul 2003

beeuuem, stand in the corner for 10 minutes.

  Randum Ian 15:39 01 Jul 2003

Thanks for the replies mate, what I want to do was to be able to pick up the phone as normal but once I have heard the peeps of the fax machine goto my PC (which will be on) and open up a fax program to be able to download the fax. Is this possible through Winfax? Checking out other topics on here as we speak! ;o)

  DieSse 15:45 01 Jul 2003

You should be able to set Winfax for manual reception - this allows you to have Winfax running, but still answer the 'phone.

  Stuartli 15:54 01 Jul 2003

Windows 95 and 98/98SE both have first class fax programs - awe.exe and wms.exe (Window Messaging Service).

You can send and receive faxes, although the latter is difficult if you are on dialup as you won't know you are receiving a fax rather than a voice call.

I use it for sending faxes (the cover pages etc are exactly the same as a normal fax) and Tiscali's free fax to e-mail service now that FaxMe has ceased operations.

The layout of Windows Messaging and fax facility is virtually the same as Outlook Express, so is easy to use if you are familiar with OE.

  pj123 16:04 01 Jul 2003

No, you can't do it that way. If you use Supervoice it will act as an answer phone or a fax machine depending on the tones it gets. But you will need to have the programme running all the time (even if it is running in the background)Just let the PC take over. You don't need to answer the phone manually. Again Trinite is the best solution as all incoming faxes go into your email inbox. You don't need to have your PC switched on at all.

  Stuartli 16:14 01 Jul 2003

Tiscali's fax to e-mail appears to be exactly the same kind of service - the beauty of it is that you can list a fax number on your (snail post) correspondence and receive faxes as e-mails, as well as listing the number on your fax cover page(s); Tiscali takes a small proportion of the telephone cost to the sender...:-)

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