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  osben 11:58 02 Apr 2004

I am currently using PhoneTools software in conjunction with a modem as my answerphone and for receiving fax's. I want to be able to scan printed documents into PhoneTools via my scanner and then Fax that document to whoever. I can't find how to do this. Does anyone know what to do or of any other software other than BVRP PhoneTools that will help me. It will save me buying a fax machine!!!

Many Thanks

  Totally-braindead 12:01 02 Apr 2004

You don't mention your operating system, if you're using XP its got fax software built in.

  osben 12:07 02 Apr 2004

Yes should have done shouldn't I

Regretably it's ME so haven't got it built in. That's why I am using the BVRP PhoneTools which works well So Far!!

  Totally-braindead 12:35 02 Apr 2004

Look at the Downloads section theres a lot of programs there you can try. Unfortunatly can't recommend any of them personally as I haven't tried them.

  Peter 14:36 02 Apr 2004


I use Winfax Pro Version 8.03 under Windows 95. It works okay for me and does what you want with scans and prints direct from Word and similar programmes. You should be able to obtain it, or a later version, quite easily.


  Belatucadrus 14:42 02 Apr 2004

click here look for Mustek copy and fax utility.

  Stuartli 16:24 02 Apr 2004

Earlier versions of Windows had an excellent fax program which works on the same lines exactly as Outlook Express.

The files, if you have a 95, 98 etc CD-ROM are Awfax.exe and wms.exe - the wms details Windows Messaging Service.

  pj123 16:37 02 Apr 2004

I use Supervoice which comes free on most modem installation CDs. It puts a virtual "fax printer" on which can be accessed and used to send faxes/graphics from any programme that has a "print" mode. Just go to file/print and select the "fax" or "pics" printer, click OK and it will open your fax dialler and send.

  accord 16:38 02 Apr 2004

open scanned document and press ctrl + P.
This will open up printing wizard where you select to print to fax. Click OK and it shoudl start your fax software from that.

  accord 16:39 02 Apr 2004


you beat me to it.

  osben 16:47 02 Apr 2004

Doesn't anyone use BVRP PhoneTools then.

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