Fax over wireless broadband

  kimtrnc 09:31 25 Sep 2005

As I live in a part of the world without access to landline telephone, I have wireless broadband, over a local area network, to connect to the internet. I can telephone people over Skype,but I cannot find a way to send faxes. Anyone know if this is possible, and preferably cheaply?

  Hamish 09:39 25 Sep 2005

This site may or may not help click here. It was found by typing Fax over wireless broadband into Google. I am sure others will also come up with other sites. I do not use fax on the internet

  Hamish 09:42 25 Sep 2005

The link should be click here

  DieSse 09:48 25 Sep 2005

You will probably need to have a fax service such as efax, which works by converting faxes to and from email. click here

I've used them for incoming faxes for many years, and not had any problems at all. Basically you get a fax number allocated to you, which can be sent to via a regular fax, in the standard way - efax then convert this to an email and send it to your regular email address. Similar with outgoing.

You might also ask your service provider. I too have a microwave broadband service - but this also comes with a VoIP and a regular telephone number - my telephone service will also do faxes. Maybe instead of Skype, they have their own VoIP service, with better capabilities.

  kimtrnc 09:53 25 Sep 2005

Thanks Hamish, certainly worth a look. Will let you know if it works

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