Fax Msg Problems with 3Com Modem

  Vicmohi 19:50 04 Apr 2003

Having bought an external 3Com Professional Message Modem Model 71-245625-01 for the specific purpose of receiving and storing fax messages when my PC is off I have been unable to get it to do this (even though £Com box etc clearly say it does provide this facility). It works for both voice messages and faxes with the PC running (using supplied Supervoice communication software) and the software reports that it has transferred all systems back to the modem whenever it is closed down, it only receives (and stores) voice messages when the PC is not powered on. It doesn't seem to even recognise incoming fax messages then.
Only after buying the modem (new from a supposedly leading dealer)did I discover that 3Com considered it as obscelete. Even so it works fine (on my Windows ME O/S) except for this one problem. However, I cannot find anything in the help files of either 3Com or Supervoice to help and 3Com simply ignore all messages to their support centre.
I realise that their policy is that they do not support discontinued products but, as I bought this in good faith and it is still within the guarantee period as from date of purchase, I would have expected them to at least profer some help.
Can anyone suggest how I can make the thing work to receive faxes with the PC switched off ?


  pj123 21:38 04 Apr 2003

No, doesn't work if the PC is switched off. It's the computer that answers the fone. If you want to receive faxes without the computer switched on you would need to try a fax to email service (which is what I use) try click here it will cost you £23 a year but you do not need to keep your computer on all the time. All faxes will be diverted to your email inbox.

  anchor 09:16 05 Apr 2003

I think that it should be able to store faxes, whilst not connected the the PC. I had something similar with the Pace Solo.

I cannot help with you problem, as I am not familiar with you model. With the Solo, I installed the software on my PC, and connected the Solo via the serial port; no problems.

The link provided to Trinite by pj123, provides a very good, reliable service; albeit at £23/year.

However, eFax have recently resumed their free Fax by e-mail service. You can sign up here:

click here

  osben 14:57 05 Apr 2003

I also have a 3com Pro message modem and had similar problems to you.

I am suprised 3Com haven't answered your call for help though.

I beleive it is a problem WindowsME has with Supervoice. 3COM suggested that I go to their site and download the BVRP Phonetools Software instead as they do not support Supervoice anymore and haveen't done for a long time.

I have now removed all traces of Supervoice and installed Phonetools and it all works fine now. The modem answers the phone and takes all Fax/Voice messages when the Computer is not on. I can also interrogate the Modem for messages off-line.

  -pops- 15:15 05 Apr 2003

I use an Olitec SmartMemory 56000 modem exclusively for the transmission and reception of fax messages. It contains a smartcard to enable it to receive faxes when the computer is switched off and it does this admirably well. The answering machine also works when the computer is switched off but I don't use it for this purpose.

The Olitec sits quite well alongside my Alcatel ADSL modem and they don't interfere with each other at all.


  anchor 16:56 05 Apr 2003

Reading osben`s post about the phonetools software, I recall that this was the programme supplied with my Pace Solo. Quite versatile, and worked fine.

Details can be found here, but the bad news is that`s its not free; it will cost you £29.53 by download, (12.5Mb).

click here

scroll down to the bottom to "Classic Phone Tools".

  osben 10:04 06 Apr 2003

Re Anchor's post regarding the cost.

You can download PhoneTools ver 2.19 from the 3Com site for nothing. This is what I am using and as I said earlier, it can remotely answers fax's/voice messages and the modem can be interogated with the computer swithed on or off.

  anchor 17:02 06 Apr 2003


Thats good news for Vicmohi. It might be useful for him/her if you gave the link URL.

I have just looked at the 3com site, and the download for Phonetools was not obvious.

  osben 12:48 07 Apr 2003

Sorry Vicmohi, I might have misled you. I actually have a 3Com USRobotics Modem which was before I believe they went their different ways.

However if you want to look at the software the site is US Robotics site.

US Robotics provides fax/voice software called Phonetools from BVRP. It is compatible with w98/wME/w2000. A free version of this software is available to download for US Robotics customers from the following web site: click here

The Phonetools link is called 'Phonetools UK.exe' located half way down the page.

Hope this is of use to you.

  anchor 13:05 07 Apr 2003

I have just read the latest post from osben. Hopefully, the download listed will work fully on your modem. However, it does say that it is intended for models, xx5625,xx5630,xx5668

I know that BVRP made versions of Phonetools that were specific for a particular modem. This was the case with the version issued with my Solo, and would it not recognise a different modem.

If it fails to work OK, then its back to the BVRP site, as given in my earlier posting.

  Vicmohi 15:02 07 Apr 2003

Although have still to impliment matters am now highly confident that problem has been overcome. Thanks to everyone who generously ventured advice.
By co-incidence, after several fruitless previous support requests I have also received a response at last from them. Possibly I have incorrectly been sending to 3Com when I should have sent to USR. Their advice is virtually identical to that from your good selves (Osben & Anchor especially)and they have also given a link to the suggested phonetools software. (I must admit I previously failed to find it on their site though I did find BVRP relating to other modem model numbers).

In case of use to anyone else, they have directed me to
click here where they say I can download a free copy of the BVRP Phonetools software and that I will find it half way down their page entitled 'Phonetools UK.exe'

Thanks to everyone,

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