Fax to Email - Email to Fax service

  HighTower 14:35 18 Jul 2003

Does anybody use a reliable fax to email service (and vice-versa) that they can recommend. I'm not bothered about a free one, just one that works well which saves me from having to install another BT line.


  pj123 16:03 18 Jul 2003

I use Trinite at click here it costs me £23 a year. At the moment it is only one way Fax to Email. I use Supervoice and MS Word or Ms Publisher for graphics to send faxes. Supervoice comes free with many Modem installation discs.
I don't know of an email to fax service at present but someone else may.

  pj123 16:06 18 Jul 2003

Extra. I just checked Trinite again myself and it now says faxes to and from your email inbox. I will check it out myself because I am on broadband but still have to have a dialup modem to send faxes.

  anchor 17:05 18 Jul 2003

I also use Trinite, and can recommend them. Their service at £23/year enables you to receive faxes via e-mail, (in tiff format).

To send faxes from your e-mail programme to a fax machine, you need an additional service from them costing 5p/page, (plus a £10 setup fee).

I suggest you use your old 56k modem, and a fax programme such as WinFax or similar.

  Stuartli 17:35 18 Jul 2003

If you install wms.exe and awfax.exe from the Win95 or 98 CD-ROMs you can send faxes that are the equivalent of a fax machine; at the same time a full record is kept of faxes sent or received in similar fashion to OE.

To receive faxes (because I only have dialup) I used to use FaxMe, now defunct, but have now switched to Tiscali's replica of this system.

You are able to list an individual 0871 number, provided by Tiscali, on your correspondence and any faxes are received in e-mail form.

The beauty of these two methods is that the only cost incurred is sending faxes (which is covered by your ISP use anyway), while those sending e-mails have part of their phone charge cost retained by Tiscali as a means of raising revenue.

  Cesar 09:44 19 Jul 2003

click here
It might Help

  DieSse 13:25 19 Jul 2003

I've used efax for several years - works without a hitch.

click here

  Bramblerose 15:05 19 Jul 2003

Try here click here

You can have your own fax number for people to send faxes to you - they come to your in box but you can't send faxes out. No cost to you to receive the faxes.

  HighTower 12:29 21 Jul 2003

Thanks to all for their posts! Apologoes for delay in reply, mt broadband connection has been offline for 5 days now so I'm using dialup again.

I'll check out the links and get back to you all.

Thanks again.

  Alan2 13:42 21 Jul 2003

My set up is the same as Anchor but I use the built MS Fax Console in WinXP to send faxes via my 56k modem.

This is £23pa for receiving and negligible for sending.


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