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  monkiheed 11:00 23 May 2008


I would like to do away with my arcane fax machine. Ideally I'd like to be able to send and receive faxes by email yet keep my existing fax number (it's on all the stationery). Does anyone know if this is possible?

Thanks in advance

  Forum Editor 16:52 24 May 2008

about sending faxes via the internet, there are dozens of software applications that will do it.

Check this one out - it's from a well-known and reputable company: click here

  monkiheed 11:52 15 Aug 2008

It is unclear whether this software actually allows you to keep your existing fax number, which is what I'm looking for.

In addition, I would ideally like any user on my network to be able to send faxes without having to pay for umpteen software licences. Does such a solution exist?

  wee eddie 19:40 15 Aug 2008

Scan the item you wish to send and then insert the result in an e-mail.

  wee eddie 17:02 16 Aug 2008

If you had to Print it first ~ Why could you not send the original file in an e-mail

  wee eddie 03:49 19 Aug 2008

The Scan will produce a document that you can e-mail.

  wee eddie 03:58 19 Aug 2008

e-mail does not go to a Telephone number.

It goes, from the Sender, to your ISP who then forward it to your Computer's IP address.

Although you may be using Telephone Cables for the Signal to be transmitted, I'm fairly certain the an e-mail has no knowledge of the Telephone Number of the line upon which it travels.

  monkiheed 09:29 19 Aug 2008

Soooooo . . . . . .

the answer will be no then, will it?!

  wee eddie 18:02 19 Aug 2008

You will, of course, need to keep your Fax Machine and possibly the Number as well, so that you can receive Faxes from those that wish to send them.

However it will be quicker and cheaper for you to send the Scan of your Document by Inserting it into an e-mail.

  wee eddie 17:22 20 Aug 2008

that your Scanner has been supplied with.

It may be able to convert the File to a PDF, before sending, which is probably the optimum option

  wiz-king 13:13 28 Aug 2008

If you need to receive faxes as well then you will need a fax program (built into XP) and a fax modem on your computer - built in to some computers but not all, an external fax/voice modem is cheap at about £20.

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