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  collinsc 19:52 19 Oct 2011


I am looking at a favourites folder on:

computer>acer (c)>users> my name>favorites and i think this is an old list of favorites as it has many i deleted yrs ago! can i delete these favorites? where might my other favorites be stored?

i am using google chrome and i am the only user of this laptop.


  Sea Urchin 19:58 19 Oct 2011

As you refer to "Favorites" I assume you are using Internet Explorer. The quickest way to find your current favorites folder is to press your Windows key + R and then in the Run box type "favorites" (without inverted commas). Enter, or click OK.

  collinsc 20:32 19 Oct 2011

thanks, that has taken me to a diff folder, i am using chrome now (which i appreciate is bookmarks) - looks like the old IE favorites are stored also

  collinsc 20:35 19 Oct 2011

scratch that last post! they arent duplicated... it is just the favorites in the folders are not the truth about the favourits i have in chrome i.e. a folder shows a link to 5 pages, i actualy have about 30 links... why arent they showing!?

  john bunyan 22:35 19 Oct 2011

Sea Urchin. Thanks for that - note you correctly spelt it the US way - favorites. When I tried favourites it came up with some of my music stuff!

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