Favorites pages for offline viewing get trashed

  User-74B7BB1F-00BF-46C2-9BA3F5E9006E408E 18:53 04 Jul 2004

Can anybody tell me where the Favorites actual web pages I've stored for offline viewing are kept? (Windows 2000/IE6)

I have this ongoing problem where my computer randomly reboots itself about twice a month (no, it's not a virus, been doing it since I installed Windows 2000 over two years ago), and afterwards all my offline favorites are no longer available. The links are still listed, but now greyed out when I'm offline. So I'd like to back the actual pages up under a different filename and reload them when this tiresome misbehaviour occurs.

I've gone thru to C:/Documents & Settings/Administrator/Favorites, but that only seems to contain the URLs as shortcuts. The actual pages can't be stored in the Internet Temp file with all the other web pages there, or they'd surely get deleted when I clear that out.

Incidentally, the History links also get greyed out when the reboot happens - that's not so serious, but maybe another clue as to what is going on?

  QuickHare 19:04 04 Jul 2004

First off, there's a folder in the Windows folder called "Offline Web Pages" which deals with the offline web pages.

Secondly, you also need a history entry for the page you store offline to access it again. If it's greyed out, then that most likely causes the offline viewing problem.

Thirdly, I want to know why it restarts for no reason, as it shouldn't - not even once every month or so. This is fishy, and you should try to work out the reason.


Many thanks for the web page part of your answer, I'll try it out.

Your third point - when I say random reboots, I mean really random. It has run as long as seven weeks without doing it, it's also done it twice within 24 hours on one occasion.

I can be working on the computer, or not even in the room. Most often, the monitor suddenly goes black when I'm performing some action like clicking from one open web page to another on the taskbar, or cutting and pasting between open docs in Word.

I think it has only ever happened when Internet Explorer is also open, but after so long I'm not sure of that. My IE installation is exceedingly flaky anyway - whenever I open the History or Favorites, if I simply click on a stored web page link to open it, IE crashes. I have to choose Open in a new window instead. If I then try and close the open History pane in the new window, it crashes. I have to go to a third window from that second window before I can safely close History.

IE6 is also very fond of pretending all the links I click on are pages that can't be found. This particular behaviour has to be cured whenever it starts by running the IE Repair from a command line in Run. (I can't run Repair from Control Panel --> Add/Remove programs, because according to Windows 2000, IE6 is not among the programs I have installed. I used to see it listed there until I installed one of Microsoft's many critical upgrades (big mistake!).)

I have tried reinstalling IE6, but thanks to Microsoft's download site only providing an installer and not the actual application, the online installion only fiddled with the files it thought needed changing - leaving all the original problems intact and still fully dysfunctional.

So I am inclined to think my rebooting problem is possibly linked to IE6, but have so far not been able to prove it.

  QuickHare 19:52 05 Jul 2004

It does sound like it. What you need to do is somehow reinstall IE6 and completely redo it. I have a feeling a complete reinstall of Windows might be in order.

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