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  swanny2 11:00 03 Dec 2007

My Favs list is set up so i know where everything is,so i can go straight too it,i do have a lot in there too..
Now all of a sudden ,everytie i come too start my Pc,an click on favs,there all in Alphabetical order.? now theyve never been like this before,only just started doing it,
Any ideas any1 Please.
thanks .
Swanny :O)

  Pine Man 11:42 03 Dec 2007

Mine are all in alphabetical order.

When you save a new favourite it will not be in alphabetical order until you 'sort by name'.

You can drag and drop items on your list so that they are not in alphabetical order.

  swanny2 12:45 03 Dec 2007

Yes ty ive always sorted them the way i want them.but lately when i start me pc,there all in alphabetical order again?
no idea why though..

  Carpigiani 13:01 03 Dec 2007

Which Browser are you using?

If you are using Firefox click on Bookmarks/Organise Bookmarks/View and choose your preference from the list.

  swanny2 19:04 03 Dec 2007

Im useing IE mate..
as isay i have them in the order i want them,but for some reason ,theve gone Alphabetically.


  swanny2 11:37 06 Dec 2007

This is weird,i logged on yesterday and the Favs where as i put them.
Today thev have gone back in alphabetical order again.. grr.
Any ideas any1 why?
Swanny :O)

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