Fauly PC- Help!!!!

  costlyspy 13:02 18 Jul 2006

Recently I've ahd to swap my mobo. I replaced the original with a PC Chips M848alu board to go with my sempron 2200+ cpu. Everything was fine for about a month when after shutting down the pc correctly the next day the pc wouldn't come on. All the drive lights come on but not the monitor and there is NO post beep. Thinking my mobo had gone again I arranged for a replacement but this does the same. the time scale for this problem ranges from a couple of days to about a month. I took everything out in order to find the problem by building it back up a peice at a time, with the mobo & cpu, still no beep. In the end I built it up again to save having the bits all over the table and it worked. I've tested the psu (ok) and swapped it with another, still the problem. I have noticed that when I do get it working again the bios is back to the factory settings and I have to save and exit again for it to detect my hardware, could by bios need upgrading and could this be the problem?

  nob14 13:11 18 Jul 2006

what about the RAM is that the correct voltage for the board?

  costlyspy 14:00 18 Jul 2006

As fas as i'm aware the ram is ok.

  nob14 15:36 18 Jul 2006

Cant see it being the BIOS as it worked for a few month.

But you could try to update it if it screws then your still in the same boat.

  costlyspy 16:22 18 Jul 2006

going back to the ram, I've got 512mb of pc2100 cl=3 and i put the original 256mb of pc2100 back in but the 256 mondule has cl=2.5, could this be the problem? I did ask (on here I think) if it would cause any problems.

  nob14 19:55 18 Jul 2006

read the motherboard manual and fit the correct RAM if the voltage is wrong its going to burn out as it looks like yours is doing after a time period.

  SANTOS7 20:22 18 Jul 2006

CL3 will run along side CL2.5 it will just run at the slower clock cycle...

  costlyspy 20:27 18 Jul 2006

I've had a look at the manual and it recommends ram modules of 2.5v. Problem I've now got is finding out what i've got. I've run PCcheck and Sisoft Sandra, even tried Crucial website but they don't tell me the voltages. Any other way of finding out?

  SANTOS7 20:31 18 Jul 2006

it recommends ram modules of 2.5v.

answered your own question i think...

  costlyspy 20:40 18 Jul 2006

Is there any way of finding out for sure, will it say on the module itself?

  umbongo(uk) 22:20 18 Jul 2006

it tells u the voltage of your ram on the cruicial web site just press the tab saying ddr on the left tofind your product hey pressto its written in the description of said item
as well as giving you the memory adviser on the right to tell you what ram works with what board just choose other manufacturer if the board will hold out long enough to be scanned
also if you have a spare cmos battery about try tht in the others place as the asus a7n8x had a problem when first shipped tht meant the cmos battery didnt keep charge and led to the board reseting bios on evry boot and didnt always show the cmos battery level low on boot.i know i had one and had to replace it with a better 3v cmos bettery
ps keep us posted on your results
also if it works with only one ram chip just use tht until problem is solved

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