faulty video card ?????????????

  filthpig 13:33 19 Feb 2007

i have a small problem with my computer
i would like to find the fault ASAP for obvious reasons i think it might be the video card but im not sure my system is :
pentium 4 3ghz
ASUS P5 PE VM board
512mb radeon x1600 AGP
1024 mb ddr pc3200
160gb ide hard drive
i have set the theme to adjust for best performance in the properties of my computer but every time i turn the computer off it reverts back to the original theme of xp
this is not a major problem but if the video card is at fault i want to get it replaced
any advice would be great

  filthpig 13:22 26 Feb 2007

thanks for all your help so far but im still getting the same problem
now if i set the theme to best performance it reverts to best appearance and vice verca
i have now installed windows xp pro edition and i get the same problem so the fault wasnt with my copy of windows
i have no idea what the problem is but it is obviously something to do with the hardware i currently have maybe something to do with the board or even the CPU maybe even my hard drive
this has only been a problem since i got new parts for my computer(new video card, new CPU, new board)this is not a major problem but i want ot find out where the fault is

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