faulty ram?irql errors

  Andy 999 17:12 31 May 2003

Hi everyone, i ahve a problem. without any pattern my pc crashed with the errors irql_not_less_or_equal and driver_irql_not_less_or_equal errors. This si a pain as i have to restart. It can occur on read or write operations. The errors say atapi.sys and parellel.sys but im not sure if its drivers or ram.Ive tried swopping slots but to no avail. Thanks in advance.BTw xp pro.

  AndySD 18:02 31 May 2003

try updating your motherboard drivers... if you need help tell us the make/model of the motherboard/mainboard... this little program will help you find out.. click here

  jazzypop 18:08 31 May 2003

What version of Windows are you running?

Do you also get a 'Stop 0000xxxxA'-type message at the same time?

  Andy 999 19:45 01 Jun 2003

Oh, btw yea it does come up with STOP 0x000000a errors etc and the motherboard is a umm k7ama athlon.Btw would updateing the bios do any good or is that for other reasons?

  Andy 999 21:12 01 Jun 2003

I also get a blue scren from tdi.sys ? :S any clues wat that could be?Also, i get page_falt errors aswell?more likely to be ram?

  Andy 999 21:12 01 Jun 2003


  jazzypop 01:14 02 Jun 2003

OK, we (you) can spend a huge amount of time with all the 1001 possibilities, or you can make a note of the exact error message(s) that occur, along with what program(s) are running at that time.

The fault reporting in WinXP is actually pretty good, and each of the Stop error messages and page_fault, irq_less than type messages have pretty specific meanings.

Once we have the specifics, I am sure we can give specific advice.

  Andy 999 16:08 02 Jun 2003

Ok m8, a was thinking about that last nite and have notied the erros i received from xp all off sunday nite and have wrote them down with the codes in brackets as well.

OK, first error, : stop:0x0000008E(oxc000001d,0xf5e20205,0x80539374,0x00000000)

afd.sys address f5e20205 base at f5e1500, datestamp 3d6de2d9

stop:0x00000050 (0xfffffff7,0x00000001,0x8051b90b,0x00000000)
third: stop:0x0000008e

  jazzypop 16:43 02 Jun 2003

The 'stop 0x0000008E' message is basically saying that a poorly-written driver has managed to write a memory space where it shouldn't have, i.e. you have a buggy software driver somewhere.

Which one? It is still difficult to be definite, but do you recognise the sound card drivers listed in this MS article? click here

If so, it is likely to be the cause of the problem.

There is also the chance that one of your RAM modules has developed a fault. Try removing one at a time, and see if the faults continue. If the s uddenly clear up, it is likely you have found your culprit.

  Andy 999 18:37 02 Jun 2003

well, my sound card at the mo is a crappy onbuilt one bit its not a sigmetel one. Its ac'97 tho until i cna afford a sounblaster audigy 2 which should be good.Also, could it be the nvidia grahics card driver i have?

  chriscars1 18:52 02 Jun 2003

i dont mean to poop on your party but i have had the exact same problems same messages and codes blue screen and spent two weeks on this forum trying to solve it. ibought new ram, new cpu, new graphics card etc and in the end it was a knackered motherboard. i cant say for definite but i had exactly the same problems as you and after i fitted a new motherboard its never missed a beat.

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