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Faulty Radeon RX 460 GPU?

  Nathman 21:22 03 Nov 2016


I'm looking for some help and advice with my new, currently non-functioning RX 460 GPU.

Before I jump in, these are my relevant computer specs:

Motherboard: Asus M5A78L-M/USB3 PSU: ATX 500W PSU OS: Windows 10

So, I have tried to install my new Radeon RX 460 today and am having some severe issues.

Upon physically installing the GPU the system booted up and all seemed to be going well. I got to the point of installing the drivers via the CD when around a quarter of the way through the screen went blank, though the computer remained powered up.

After about half an hour I gave up and shut down the power and opened it up to make sure everything was connected properly which to my (somewhat limited) knowledge, it was.

I tried to boot up again but this time wasn't able to make it beyond the initial Windows loading screen before encountering the same issue whereby the screen went blank.

I've also now noticed that the fan on the GPU shuts off at the exact same time that the screen loses connection. Does it sound like the card is faulty?

Thanks in advance!

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