Faulty PSU?

  geordiebloke 09:38 01 Sep 2006

Can't figure this one out. Swithching on the pc only results in the psu fan working...nothing else but, the power switch flashes as does the hdd activity light on the front of the case!!! however there is no sign of life within the pc apart from the psu fan. First thought was the psu but could the mobo be at fault??

  BRYNIT 10:10 01 Sep 2006

Due to the weather reports over the past week one item to check is the modem if it was connected to the phone line try removing it.

  sil_ver 10:34 01 Sep 2006

Is enough power getting to the motherboard eg. is the CPU heatsink fan running? Are you sure the monitor is switched on? Silly question I know but it's not unknown for monitors to be inadvertantly switched off. I've known a failure to boot be caused by peripherals attached to the USB ports, try unplugging them before you start. Try reseating all the cards including RAM by physically removing & replacing them

  X™ 10:38 01 Sep 2006

Hmm, yes, reseat everything. Pull out all un-needed cables, such as: all USB(exept Mouse & keyboard) ect. and check all connections. Also, take out all un-needed PCI cards, if it boots, place cards in one-by-one, and then when it fails to boot, you'll know why.

  X™ 10:40 01 Sep 2006

Oh, after reading again, check the main PSU connection to the mobo, it does sound like two pins are shorting, and the rest not.

  geordiebloke 15:32 01 Sep 2006

thanks for advice all. Looks increasingly like a mobo problem. Replaced PSU to no avail, took out boards etc and the problem persists...PSU fires up,on/off light flashes and HDD light flashes!CPU fan does not spin, HDD quiet too??
Looks like a rebuild :-(

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 15:35 01 Sep 2006

4 pin plug, in next to CPU?

  geordiebloke 17:38 01 Sep 2006

good call but yes my friend,I'm afraid it is.

  DieSse 17:42 01 Sep 2006

*could the mobo be at fault??*

Try swapping around the RAM - if you've got two modules, try with each one in turn.

Try taking out the CPU and refitting it.

After what you've tried, it sounds very possible that it is the motherboard. It may even have been a modem that blew it - I've seen modems destroyed by lightning that took out the motherboard too.

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