Faulty printer catridge removal

  Malcos1 15:14 08 Aug 2003

I wish to remove a faulty cartridge from my Epson Stylus Photo 750. Until the cartridge is empty the carriage stops in a position where it cannot be accessed.

  medicine hat 15:18 08 Aug 2003

I think you over come this by pressing the cartridge button for more than 5 seconds

  Confab 16:17 08 Aug 2003

As medicine hat says you nee to press one or sometimes two of the buttons on your Printer and hold them for a short while. The printhead will move into the middle.

  Malcos1 17:19 08 Aug 2003

Thanks to medecine hat and Confab but pressing the cartridge button for 5 seconds or more merely activates the cleaning routine and the catridge, which still contains ink, stops in an inaccessible position on the right of the carriage. Pressing the button does not work until the catridge is empty.

  Smiler 17:27 08 Aug 2003

RTFM click here
From the manual (page 33):- Lower the output tray at the front of the printer, the open the printer cover. Hold down the cleaning button for 3 seconds until the print head moves left slightly to the cartridge replacement position and the power light begins to flash.

  Smiler 18:27 08 Aug 2003

Further to the above look at page 41 of the manual click here which states "To replace an ink cartridge before it's empty see "Replacing an old or damaged ink cartridge" in the online reference guide." The online guide is found on the installation cd for the printer
click here then look at "opening the online guides" The file you want is ESO750.exe found in the online folder of your installation cd. good luck

  LAP 19:54 08 Aug 2003

Switch printer off at the mains when the carriage is in the middle. Been there!

  hugh-265156 20:00 08 Aug 2003

as LAP says,activate the cleaning routine and when the cartridge moves to the middle,quickly switch of at the mains.

  SantasLittleHelper 20:38 08 Aug 2003

As above, switch printer off, restart printer and when the carriage starts to move switch off at mains, this will allow you to move the carriage by hand. Remove cartridge but do not put new one in yet, close cartridge lid and restart printer, it will register that there is no ink cartridge and you can then install a cartridge as you would when it is empty. This method resets the ink counter to zero, it then knows it is starting with a new cartridge. Good luck, any further problems get back on.

  Malcos1 12:50 09 Aug 2003

Sometimes I feel quite stupid through not doing the obvious. Thank you Smiler for reminding me that somewhere in the depths of my accumulated junk I have an online guide where it quite clearly states that pressing the paper feed button for 3 secs moves the carriage to the centre of its run. Q.E.D.
Thanks also to LAP, huggyg71 and SantasLittleHelper for the alternative !

  Smiler 14:36 09 Aug 2003

That's OK we all tend to lose the plot occasionally. As one gets older we forget even more. Now what was the question????

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