Faulty PCMIA slot

  Saltyseadog 23:01 27 Nov 2005

I have a Dell Inspiron laptop which has a faulty PCMIA slot which I believe occurred by a paperclip becoming lodged inside, I managed to remove the offending object however since then my wireless PCMIA card no longer works. I have taken it to two different laptop repairers who weren't much help. One recommended using a USB2 to PCMIA external slot to overcome this problem, alternatively I'll have to go down the route of buying a USB wireless key. Does anyone have any suggestions as to who manufactures these USB2/PCMIA external devices and to where I might purchase one. Any help would be appreciated.

  Saltyseadog 23:21 27 Nov 2005


  Chegs ®™ 09:19 28 Nov 2005

I haven't seen a device such as you require,so I would recommend you go the other route you mentioned and get a USB WiFi device.

  Big Elf 12:23 28 Nov 2005

click here

Expensive though and only available from the USA (I think). Works a treat with a PCMCIA Hard Disk but not sure whether is will work with your wireless card. Addonics gave me excellent technical support so you could try emailing them.

Note that if you do buy it from the US you may have to pay Customs charges.

  Mavericke 12:31 28 Nov 2005

I do agre with Chegs that your best bet will be a USB wi-fi...

  Saltyseadog 06:47 29 Nov 2005

Many thanks for all your help, I'm inclined to agree that the best option will be just to buy another USB wi-fi. I already use one in my son's room for his computer and it would work out a cheaper option.

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