Faulty motherboard.

  Bowsprit 10:53 02 Jun 2004

It all started with this thread yesterday. click here When i was in bios i noticed that CPU temp. was 107c and Asus Probe was showing 123 degrees c.The CPU fan was running and the heatsink was no warmer than normal.

To sum up.
FSB showing 200MHz when it should be 333MHz.
Temperature in bios 107 deg.c but feels normal.
Time/month/year having to be reset on startup.
Having a lot of bother opening web pages.

Do you think the motherboard is goosed.

  Rayuk 11:17 02 Jun 2004

Use Asus live update and get latest bios may be a fix for reporting incorrect temps in bios.
If you have to keep resetting time etc could be faulty battery,replace it,it may not be saving settings of cpu when you come out of bios.

  woodchip 14:04 02 Jun 2004

Have you shut down your computer fully then leave a couple on mins before restarting and go int BIOS and set the clock etc

  Quiller. 16:28 02 Jun 2004

Sorry to hear that things have gone from bad to worse. :-(

Have you thought of stripping down the cpu + hsf and then reassembling them.click here

The fact that the bios was seeing the cpu at the right speed, but windows was not is strange. Normally I would use the reset configuration data in the bios (escd) but this is not an option on this board. Anyway you have reset the cmos jumper and that has the same effect.

Will monitor the post and if I can think of anything will let you know.


  woodchip 16:34 02 Jun 2004

Try loading the default then reboot and reset FSB clock etc

  Rayuk 16:51 02 Jun 2004

Starting from scratch have you checked that the jumper to clear the cmos is in correct position.

  Quiller. 19:19 02 Jun 2004


  rickf 20:27 02 Jun 2004

Bowsprit, I have been following this thread since you posted. To share my recent experience with you might help. I upgraded from 2000xp to 2.8xp with new m/b. The prob was that it would not boot up at the right setting and only worked at 100MHz. After changing cpu and m/b with retailer, the same happened. On the right settings it went into a loop of not booting into windows but restarted.It would only work at 100. Thinking that it might be a heating prob., I changed the H/Sand Fan. Bingo, it came to life at the right settings. Took me two wks in all through a process of deduction. At one stage I even changed the PSU. Hope this gives you ideas and good luck!

  Bowsprit 20:27 02 Jun 2004

I flashed the Bios again and now temperature correct,date correct,CPU showing correct speed and computer behaving as it used to.Rayuk i would never have thought of flashing the Bios again as it was at the latest revision,but it worked flashing with same revision.Thanks all for your input.

  Bowsprit 20:29 02 Jun 2004

Forgot to say i also changed the battery.

  rickf 20:37 02 Jun 2004

Good for you. WE can all relax now.

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