Faulty motherboard?

  Alex 12:04 31 Aug 2003

Hi all,I can't get my computer to boot, it doesn,t show anything on the screen at all. There is no disk activity at all, hard drive or floppy. Neither of my two cd's can be opened either unless I disconnect the EIDE leads from them. The same goes for the hard drive,I can here it rotating if I remove the lead from it. I have a meter and there are 12v and 5v outputs from the power supply. Do I have a faulty motherboard? It's an Abit KT7A.
Thanks in advance.

  howard60 13:27 31 Aug 2003

you could have lost the connection between the mobo and the power switch this switches everything on. If not that try slowly but surely disconnecting from the mobo each item until you reach a stage where you get some beeps from the system. Then by adding each item 1 at a time and rebooting you will find what is stopping it. A further thought take the video card out and stick it back in. A slight movement can often give the effects you describe.

  Alex 13:45 31 Aug 2003

I should have said that the fan on the power supply is running also I did remove everything from the PCI slots all to no avail

  Alex 13:46 31 Aug 2003

That should have said fan on the motherboard is running.

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