Faulty mobo-what do you think?

  The Dazza 21:46 18 May 2006

A friend gave me a pc to look at.It didn't boot up at all at first,I ventured into the tower and reseated the graphics card.The machine then booted up fine for a few days then on boot up one day I got a Blue Screen Of Death.Rebooted & the following happened.
Auto detecting Pri master-not detected
Auto detecting Pri slave-not detected
Auto detecting Sec master-not detected
Auto detecting Sec slave-not detected then proceeds to
searching for boot record from floppy..not found
searching for boot record from SCSI..not found
Drive not ready,insert boot diskette in A:

I unplugged the IDE cables on the mobo and reseated them & booted up fine up to the login screen then Blue screen again.

In BIOS I have tried detecting the drives in there-not detected. I have changed PSU & RAM same problem.

The blue screen says Kernal_Data_Inpage_error amongst other things(win32k.sys is mentioned too)and beginning dump of physical memory. I have done a search on the internet for Stop 0x0000007A and it says hardware failure

I'm thinking it's a faulty mobo do you agree or have you another solotion?

  The Dazza 21:56 18 May 2006

I forgot to mention,no power is going to the CD Rom or DVD drives.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 22:06 18 May 2006

reset the BIOS (clear jumper or remove Cmos battery for 10 minutes) and retry

How old is the PC Cmos battery dying?

  The Dazza 18:09 19 May 2006

reset the BIOS (removed battery for 10mins) and booted up-same problem.All I know about the age of the PC is it has been built since 2002.

Do you think a new CMOS battery could work?

Why would no power be going to the CD & DVD drives?

  DieSse 18:12 19 May 2006

*Why would no power be going to the CD & DVD drives?*

Faulty PSU?

  DieSse 18:14 19 May 2006

oh -sorry - you've tried that.

Yup motherboard next most likely.

  The Dazza 19:31 19 May 2006

...that the IDE controller has failed on the mobo? I reckon a way round this (if this is the fault)is to buy a PCI IDE Controller card.

  DieSse 19:35 19 May 2006

Who knows without actually trying it - there's no test you can run.

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