Faulty mobo?

  ened 13:04 06 Sep 2004

I built my present system nine months ago using an MSI K7N2 Delta.
Since then I have had three HDD failures all on the D Drive.
Have I just been unlucky or is it possible the mobo is faulty.
Every other aspect is spot on.

  johnsims 15:52 06 Sep 2004

Unlikely to be the mobo. May be that your D: drive is installed in a place that allows it to get too hot. Get a stick on temperature indicator for each drive and see if there is any difference after a couple of days running. I'm pretty sure ebuyer sell them.

  Gongoozler 17:24 06 Sep 2004

This can be caused by a faulty power supply. Several months ago I rebuilt a computer for a friend, fitting a new motherboard, processor and power supply. In the year before the rebuild it had broken two hard drives, but has been perfect since. I can't be sure it was the PSU, but I think that was the most likely cause.

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