Faulty Microsoft disc Who do I contact? Retailer ?

  [email protected] 18:19 22 Jan 2009

I bought a genuine student copy of microsoft Office from a microsoft approved online retailer. On their website it says they don't help with installation problems and you have to contact micrsoft directly.
The installation disc has a flaw on it, when I click on install my new notebook crashes with a blue screen. There is no documentation with the discs just the product key.
I have e-mailed the vendor twice and also left a phone message but have had no response. Do I contact my credit card company to suspend payment or do I try and find a number to contact Microsoft on?
Any advice would really be appreciated! Thanks :)

  tullie 18:23 22 Jan 2009

The retailer is responsible.

  Pamy 18:24 22 Jan 2009

I would do what the vendor says and contact Microsoft.

  MAJ 18:30 22 Jan 2009

Try MS on 0870 60 10 100 click here

  Stuartli 18:33 22 Jan 2009

The retailer is responsible as the supplier; a faulty disk and installation problems are two entirely different things.

It's worth reporting the refusal to replace the disk, however, to Microsoft.

  [email protected] 18:42 22 Jan 2009

Thanks all I'll contact microsoft directly and also report the company- ironically I was going to arrange for my daughter's school to link their website to the vendors as it specialises in student software.
I agree with stuartli but I can't make contact with them if they don't want me to!! perhaps they are superbusy and will get back to me!

  MAJ 18:44 22 Jan 2009

Chances are it's not a faulty disk, try installing it on another PC. Who is the supplier?

  [email protected] 18:46 22 Jan 2009

I just checked that phone number and read the cost of ringing!!

Availability: 24 hours
During Business hours: £199.00 plus VAT. Major credit cards accepted.

For further VAT information please visit click here

After Business hours: £398 per request plus VAT Major credit cards accepted.
ResponseTime: Will vary based on severity. (except if it is business-critical*)

is there a line for normal customers with a faulty product?

  [email protected] 18:54 22 Jan 2009

MAJ- there is a flaw on the installation disc, rather like a nylon hair, that is inside the surface of the disc (possibly scratched i can't tell).I can't try it on a different PC as you only get two installations and that's it.
Why else would the notebook crash so spectacularly every time I've tried to install it?

  MAJ 19:12 22 Jan 2009

From that link I posted:

Phone Support
Wait Time: Will Vary
Hours of Operation (see bottom of this page)
90-day no-charge support begins on the following dates:
From the date you place your first support request.
For Windows Vista, from the date you activate the product.

Phone them on that number, they can't charge you if you don't give them your card details.

  [email protected] 19:37 22 Jan 2009

Thanks, MAJ will do so- am also going to try a major clean of the new(!) disc to see if that might help!

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