Faulty MB or CPU?

  kjrider 12:11 06 Jun 2011

I have a GF8100VM-M5 motherboard. When I power up, the CPU fan comes on and thats all. Have tried plugging in another graphics card with the same result.

I suspect its the MB, but is there an easy way to test the MB or if its the CPU?


  gengiscant 12:54 06 Jun 2011

Do you get any beeps after powering on?

  Ian in Northampton 12:58 06 Jun 2011

I had a problem with a PC not booting up. Brought it in to work for the IT guy to take a look at. Having eliminated the PSU as the problem, I was startled to see him dismount the CPU from the mobo and whack in another one. When the PC still failed to boot, he concluded it was a faulty motherboard. He was right. But I guess to do that, you have to have a spare CPU of a compatible type lying around...

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 14:38 06 Jun 2011

I would be inclined to try another PSU

Some things to Try first 1. unplug all USB equipment and retry 2. unplug DVD drives and retry 3. unplug hard drives see if it boots to an error message 4. try one memory stick at a time 5. substitute the PSU (power supply unit)[may be good enough to run small powered fans but not load of drives and motherboard.]

  kjrider 14:45 06 Jun 2011

Thanks for the info. I have unplugged everything, and it does not beep or do anything - apart from the CPU fan going round.

Still wondering whether to scrap it or what. The RAM seems to be OK when tried in another pC.


  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 14:56 06 Jun 2011

PSU is cheapest item to replace first or do you have another machine you can substitute the psu.

  kjrider 17:32 06 Jun 2011

I checked the PSU first. I have got a PSU checker and a meter.

What I would never do (again) is to try the PSU on another MB to see if it was working.

I did that with an Alienware PSU and the result was a F* MB!


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