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Faulty laptop purchase - Legal rights comments?

  compumac 10:22 30 Jul 2016

I purchased a new Dell laptop from local computer shop in early May 2016. On the day of purchase it was noted by both myself and the store that the unit was slow powering up. It was returned the following day with several difficulties which seemingly the store corrected. The unit has been used for no more than an hour per day just syncing data from main PC. From date of purchase to the 6th July there have been periods when the unit was very sluggish but also times when it worked fine. On the 6th July the start-up procedure taking to full desktop was in excess of three minutes, as well as that on closing down, despite the screen going black, the hard drive continued running and had to be forcibly stopped via holding down the On button. This was repeated five times on the sixth attempt it functioned as it should.

Subsequently the unit was returned to the store on 7th July due The store tested the laptop and then it was returned to Dell where it was supposedly repaired. I received the unit back on the 29th July.

On receipt the unit was found to have exactly the same problem. In excess of three minutes to desktop and the hard drive still running after shutdown. The start-up and close down procedure was repeated five times with the same scenario. Coincidentally starting correctly at the seventh attempt.

The item is now back with the store with me stating that I do not want another attempted repair as the unit would seem to have had the problem from day 1.

I am to speak with the manager on Monday.

Comments please?

  The Kestrel 11:56 30 Jul 2016

You can check your rights to a replacement laptop or a refund from the Citizens Advice consumer help line found click here

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