faulty laptop from pc world

  manda.hartley.9 12:43 10 Sep 2013

I purchased a Lenovo laptop on 01/04/2012 from PC World it has had a series of faults that PC World have been unable to satisfactorily repair for any length of time, the laptop began to malfunction 8 months into its WarrantyPeriod and is currently on its third repair for the same fault. At the time of purchase I took out PC Worlds ‘Whatever Happens’ cover thinking that this would cover me for all manner of malfunctions should they occur, I have been paying around eight pounds a month for this service. In light of this reoccurring fault I have complained to PC world and asked for a replacement product, they have declined my request stating that the nature of the fault is software related not hardware and this is not covered by my contract and that the knowhow team are not trained to deal with any type of software fault. I was also told that if I want to sort out a software fault my only alternative is to call a premium helpline at the cost of £1.50 per minute! On speaking to a very unhelpful manager over the phone regarding this matter I was informed that only after 4 hardware repairs for the same fault will I be eligible for a replacement laptop. Out of my 3 so called repairs only one qualifies as a Hardware fault as they replaced the hard disc which means I need to have 3 more hardware repairs before they will consider my request for a replacement. I paid £400 pounds for a laptop that has an on-going fault making it unreliable and difficult to use I thought that I would be covered by my ‘Whatever Happens policy’. The policy is misleading and sold as complete cover that deceives customer into thinking that Computer malfunctions will be sorted out promptly and efficiently. In reality I have been paying £8 a month for nothing as they are not trained to deal with the fault on the computer that they sold me. I stated my rights under the Sales of Goods Act; however this made no difference to my claim. There is obviously a fault with my laptop that PC World will not acknowledge. The staff are unhelpful and knowledgeable and have very little or no customer service skills. I am appalled by the service that I have received from PC World Does anyone have any advice on how to proceed with this? And if they only deal with Hardware repairs why do they keep taking my laptop away for 10days and give it back claiming to have repaired it? Any advice would be appreciated this is causing me so much stress!

  spuds 12:59 10 Sep 2013

Go to your Trading Standards/CAB or free Legal or Law Advice Centre, if you have any in your area. They will provide information and a template for a letter of complaint.

You could also try click here

  LastChip 13:16 10 Sep 2013

I'm sure if the Forum Editor sees your post, he will be able to advise you further. But as far as I can see, from what you describe (and no disrespect - assuming you're absolutely accurate) it would fall under the "not fit for the purpose" rule, which entitles you to a replacement or refund.

The problem is, if they are correct and it is a software fault, you could have introduced the problem and no warranty is going to cover that.

Assuming you can, you could set it back to a factory reset, where it's "as new" (you will loose any data on the computer, so back it up first if you can) and then if the fault is still there, you can rightly say, it's a manufacturers defect, as it's now in the same condition as when it left the factory.

It is however a lesson to learn (I believe) that the "extra" warranties offered are a complete waste of money.

Most electrical items if they are going to go wrong, fail within the first three months and would be covered by the manufacturers warranty anyway. That's why the sales people at the likes of PC World are so keen to get you to buy a warranty at the point of sale.

  spuds 13:30 10 Sep 2013

If you want to go to the top for PCW/ Dixon Group complaints, then try Sebastian James. You will find his direct email contact details, if you check the first page under UK and 'D' (Dixon Group) click here

  lotvic 14:54 10 Sep 2013

I don't think a recurring software fault would be covered as they can't provide cover or control for the way you use software. The fault might even be caused by infection/virus/malware related problems.

What is the fault you keep getting?

As per LastChip says: set it back to factory settings and see if it works alright.

  woodchip 15:57 10 Sep 2013

One of the main things with anything like this, is keep a record of all the times and faults that it as had. Its sounds like a Not Fit for Purpose item. In other words you should get your money back, and any cost incurred by you to get it fixed

  Forum Editor 16:11 10 Sep 2013

I can understand how stressful this must be. Before I can advise you properly however, the first thing to establish is what exactly is happening. I'm puzzled as to why PC World replaced a hard drive because of a software fault.

What exactly is the malfunction that you mentioned?

Once I know more, I'll respond with advice.

  manda.hartley.9 20:05 10 Sep 2013

Thanks for the responses! The laptop keeps getting stuck on the Windows start up screen, it will stay on the start up so you can't log in or do anything. I am a little confused about this as it was still happening even when there was no software on the machine and it had been taken back to its factory settings, how can this be a software issue if there is no software on the machine? Also if this is a user error how do I identify what is casing the fault so that it doesn't keep occurring I only use the bare minimum of programs on the lap top. When there is software on it's Mircoosft Office, i tunes, and kodak printer software that's pretty much it. I don't really download very much music or pictures. My external hard drive rarely gets plugged in so there is no old data from that going back on. I have one USB this is the same one that I use for work, and its only occasionally used at home, Websites that I access are very similar to what I would look at work. Do you suggest just running it with the bare minimum on there and reintroducing programs slowly? On its third repair I was told that they had tested the hard drive in store and it had failed and it was being sent away to have a new one fitted. When I went to collect it it had apparently passed the hard drive test at the workshop, so I am not really sure what they have done. It's very frustrating that PC world keep taking the laptop away for 10 days and then give it back stating that it has been repaired, and that it was a software fault, but they don't deal with software faults so how can it be repaired? I never get an explanation of what was causing the problem, I just get a bit of paper saying your machine has been repaired. Thanks for your help its really appreciated!

  woodchip 20:14 10 Sep 2013

A Bad Driver Can Cause this, That is also Software. as it may be one of the drivers for a piece of your PC Hardware

When it stops Working this is about the time that Drivers are loaded. Try pressing and keeping the Shift key down after starting the laptop, it may bypass the driver. another test is, direct after pressing start button keep taping F8 till you get a menu, choose safe mode to see if it will start in safe mode

  spuds 01:42 11 Sep 2013

Is there a possibility that you are able to take the laptop to a local 'approved' computer repair person, and get them to provide a report of their findings?.

If you follow this action, then notify PCW of your intended actions, and if the fault is with the hardware, then you will make a claim for any independent inspection report.

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