Faulty laptop to be returned. Can I safely erase information, and transfer MS Office to new laptop?

  nucom 11:18 28 Mar 2012

I have had the laptop 7 months, and it is unlikely the supplier will be able to repair or replace it.

It came with MS starter programme installed, but I installed Office Professional (2 user only) and other software, and would prefer not to have to repurchase the software, particularly Office, again.

Any information or help would be very much appreciated.

  spuds 11:27 28 Mar 2012

If you want to transfer over, you might need to do this via a back-up disk or storage device.

The problem that you might have, is if the transfer will recognise the new laptop, as per licence agreement?.

Perhaps someone else might have a way around this, should the transfer not be possible?.

  northumbria61 11:35 28 Mar 2012

If you have purchased Office Pro with a licence then I would just uninstall it from your current laptop. You should then be able to reinstall to your new laptop/desktop.

  lotvic 12:01 28 Mar 2012

You have not said why the laptop is faulty and may have to be replaced.

Is the faulty laptop in a bootable working condition and are you able to access all data on it?

If you can't boot into it, are you able to take the harddrive out and connect it to another pc to transfer your documents?

Usually when returning pc's for repair they wipe the harddrive and do a back to factory fresh restore(you can't be sure that they won't take a cheeky look at your documents first) so I suggest you take off all personal stuff and do a back to factory fresh restore yourself if possible. (This is the reason I always recommend that that personal documents are stored on a separate external harddrive if possible)

Do you have the CD's and the product keys for your software? if so you will be able to install them on your new pc.

For Office 2010 - Install Office on the new PC, use the Activate by Phone option, do not respond to any prompts and a person will take the call. Explain what has happened and they should allow the new activation. (I think they have to unregister one of the Activations before another is allowed)

  Woolwell 12:41 28 Mar 2012

For Office 2007 Pro - when I moved it to a new computer (a replacement) I didn't initially uninstall on the old pc (just in case!). Installed from disc on the new computer and activated electronically without a hitch, no phone call required.

  john bunyan 13:31 28 Mar 2012

Once you have saved as advised above if you have CCleaner you can go to Tools, Drive Wiper, then select either 3 passes, 7 passes or even 35 passes. However these take a very long time to run. I would have thought the 3 pass version ok unless you have very sensitive stuff on the drive.

  nucom 15:41 28 Mar 2012

Thank you spuds, northumbria61, lotvic, Woolwell, and john bunyan, for all your help and advice.

To give a little more information:

The laptop has a malfunctioning key which is becoming worse, and there are times when the screen picture just disappears for seemingly no reason, both of which are extremely annoying as you have to restart what you were doing.

The laptop, a customer return, was purchased from a store which does not specialise in computers, but does offer a 12 month guarantee. It is unlikely they will be able to replace the laptop as they do not carry them all the time, and they do not tend to want to get involved with repairs, preferring instead just to offer refunds.

I purchased Office Pro because although the laptop had the Starter Office installed, our grandchildren stay with us 2 days a week and their schoolwork/homework requires them to use Publisher and Powerpoint, which are not included in the Starter programme.

The faulty laptop is operational, so I could probably do a hardrive wipe, but I have recently seen a TV programme which stated that information may still be accessible by those intent on web type crimes, which is a bit of a worry given that I don’t know what will happen when I return it.

Also, would a factory fresh restore reinstall Office Starter and other programmes which are available on new computers?

I do have a couple of external hard drives which I use to backup reasonably regularly, but I’ve never thought of using them to save to instead of the laptop, so thank you for this tip.

The Office software was bought from a Student Provider at a reduced rate.

It does have discs and a product key - is this the licence?

Lotvic, can you explain how I can access the Activate by phone option?

I do have something called "SafeIT" which is supposed to shred digital documents and digital media, but I don’t know how good it is, so I will look out for CCleaner.

Thanks again.

  lotvic 15:58 28 Mar 2012

"factory fresh restore" a full restore takes it back to how it was when you first got it. This is the best thing to do if you can as it will replace the C: drive contents with an image of how it was when it left factory. There should be an option in your start menu to access this. If you tell us the make and model of laptop we can give you further details.

"discs and a product key - is this the licence?" Yes

Here you are, contact a Microsoft Product Activation Center by phone

Click on the title 'RESOLUTION' to expand it to display the walkthrough (with screenshots).

  nucom 01:24 29 Mar 2012

Thank you again lotvic

The laptop is an Acer Aspire 5552

  lotvic 01:34 29 Mar 2012

You should have 'Acer eRecovery Management'

Here's a video walkthrough tutorial http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nz1Tz4XYZLo

  nucom 00:39 01 Apr 2012

Brilliant lotvic, thank you again.

Unfortunately a further problem has developed which I was not expecting.

I received an email from the supplier of the MS Office software who say I cannot transfer it to a new laptop, even though the existing laptop is faulty and has to be returned. Its just a pity they do not make this very clear to would be customers before they sell it.

But,thanks to the help received here, at least I can confidently clear the information from the laptop before I return it.

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