Faulty Hard Drive? Show's & Then Dissapears

  SOREBLADE 16:31 03 Oct 2005

Hi I have a Hitachi (I'm sure it is :)) 80gb hard driv all fine and then I used an 8gb as master and the 80 as a slave (as "Isues") well it was all going fine and then it started dropping off and you had to keep restarting til' it came back the the Mother Board burnt out so replaced the AMD Athlon 1400 with an AMD Sempron 2800 (2.8ghz)with Win XP Pro SP2 512 Ram and now it just keeps disapearing on and of and one time it just wouldn't go so I pluged it into another PC and it wouldn't power (Tried about 20 times!) so plugged it back into main PC and it finaly worked again but regulary drops it off I have tried 2 cables then with the new Mother Board came with a new decent cable but it still keeps droping though. I have treid it as the Master but it keeps saying "Operating System not found" and freezes when it goes finally. Any Ideas??? It keeps messing programs up too.????

  bremner 16:34 03 Oct 2005

Sounds like it is on its way to the great hard drive heaven in cyberspace.

If you can get it to be seen - immediately back up any vital data and then its a new drive me thinks.

  SOREBLADE 16:38 03 Oct 2005

Thats what I thought but isn't there anyway of repairing it like DESTROYING another HDD

  bremner 16:49 03 Oct 2005

Generally three things go wrong on HDD's.

1. The controller card - which switching from a similar drive can rectify.

2. Defective motor

3. Problems with the head mechanism.

Both 2 & 3 require opening up the drive and removing the platters and placing them back in another drive - this is fraught with problems.

  Pidder 18:25 03 Oct 2005

Just as a matter of interest I have a slave 40Gb drive which stopped working. Tried it in another PC with no result. Later tried putting it in a USB caddy (or enclosure) and was able to access all the files on it. Perhaps just lucky.

  bremner 18:52 03 Oct 2005

Quite often 'shocking' the drive causes it to start working.

Shocking can be anything from hitting it, moving it or puuting it in the freezer overnight.

Generally it is a temporary measure and backing up of it's important data is imperative.

  SOREBLADE 19:12 04 Oct 2005

Thanks I'll have to try if someone could please give me instuctions to dismantle 2 Hard Drives and make one work I'd be grateful ;)

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