Faulty hard drive - recover data?

  georgemac © 16:32 12 May 2005

A friend has a dell dimension, think it is an 8300 or 8400 which is 5 month's old, and is covered by a 3 year business warranty.

The computer slowed down, taking 1/2 an hour to reach the logon page and the same again to get to the xp page.

Dell have been and replaced the hard drive, the computer is OK but he has ton's of photos on the old drive he did not back up! Dell have left him with the maxtor sata drive for 5 days only to try and recover his data.

Anyone know where to start, I am 40 miles away from him, my PC has a sata enabled motherboard but I don't think I have a spare sata power or data connector.

  Diodorus Siculus 16:55 12 May 2005

Putting the old drive in as a slave is about all that I can think of as a possible solution; if windows explorer will not recognise it, then try a disk checking tool.

  DieSse 16:57 12 May 2005

The drive will need to be connected to a system - so you will have to get some cables.

Then, with it connected as a "slave" or "second" drive" you can try and read it. Basically that's the only chance you have.

A lesson that is a good reminder to everyone to BACKUP.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 17:00 12 May 2005

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  georgemac © 18:30 12 May 2005

Have been inside my case - I have a spare SATA power connector and I have been up my loft - found a spare SATA data cable (long one which I ordered as spare) and an ide to sata power connector.

So I could connect the drive to my PC, but as well as my sata drive I have 3 other ide devices - would I have to unplug one of these first?

The powermax diagnostic software would be what to run to determine what is wrong with the drive?

I was inside my case fitting a new LG dvd writer - off to have a play with this meantime.

  DieSse 18:34 12 May 2005

"So I could connect the drive to my PC, but as well as my sata drive I have 3 other ide devices - would I have to unplug one of these first?"


  georgemac © 18:41 12 May 2005

Thanks, have emailed my mate so hopefully will pick up the drive from him tomorrow.

As anaside, why would Dell want the faulty drive back, and why within 5 days, not a lot of time to arrange data recovery.

  DieSse 22:31 12 May 2005

They'll want it back so they can return it to the manufacturer, who will then send then a replacement (or a credit, or whatever).

Why within 5 days, you'll have to ask them.

  georgemac © 07:20 13 May 2005

Dell have said they will pick up the drive in 5 days. The engineer also told my mate just to phone and say he is not finished with it. I am picking it up today. Will try and recover the data tomorrow or Sunday.

  georgemac © 17:55 13 May 2005

fitted it, managed to copy the files he wanted and burn them to a cd. The powermax software never worked, was getting some i/o errors while trying to access some areas of the drive.

When I removed the drive it was very hot.

The Dell man said he did not like Maxtor drives, preferred the other kind but when my mate asked what they were he said he could not remember!

  Diodorus Siculus 18:01 13 May 2005

Good news! Thanks for it.

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