Faulty hard drive.

  electroplater 19:37 25 Aug 2008

I have a system with two 160GB drives one Samsung and one Maxtor. The Samsung is the boot disk .
The system is winxp sp3.
While making a disk copy the operation failed due to an internal error. I found a disk error using Seatools which was not repeated in checkdisk but was confirmed with an Ibm/hitchi drive fitness test. The faulty sector is well past the mid-point of the disk, 25GB used out of 160GB, and has not caused any problem in normal operation. I have not been able to make the Samsung utility HUTIL work.
Is there software which would allow me to identify and repair or isolate the faulty sector.
Or could I partition the drive and leave the faulty sector in an isolated partion.
Ideally I would like to copy the disk to the other disk and maintain the operating system, data and programs.

  woodchip 19:43 25 Aug 2008

If you use check disc, it marks bad blocks out so the blocks are not written to. Right click the drive\Properties\Tools check disc tick the box for auto fix problems

  electroplater 19:48 25 Aug 2008

Checkdisc does not detect the fault!

  woodchip 19:50 25 Aug 2008

Then it must have been marked out by something you have run

  electroplater 19:54 25 Aug 2008

I found the fault on investigating the reason for a disc copy fail.

  UncleP 20:54 25 Aug 2008

Have you tried running the disk copy software again? Bad sectors are generally handled by the OS, but if one occurred during the copy process it might well fail. Unlikely I suppose, but it's bound to happen to someone somewhere every so often.

Once it's been marked as bad, the OS will ignore it as the data will have been shifted to a substitute sector.

  electroplater 22:01 25 Aug 2008

Have repeated copy with same fault

  DieSse 23:14 25 Aug 2008

Try running the Seagate "write to zeroes" part of the utility. This actually totally writes all sectors to zeroes. If the fault persists after this I recommend you bite the bullet and replace the drive.

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