Faulty Graphics Cards - Is there any hope?

  Ricktos 21:29 19 Jun 2006

Hi all,

I've recently bought 4 'untested' GeForce FX5200 128MB Graphics Cards from Ebay.

2 of the cards are pretty much dead, they cause beeping when the computer is switched on although the fans do spin.

The other 2 work but have some pretty heavy display problems when they start. One starts with just a scrambled picture of assorted colours and doesn't evolve from here (so is pretty much dead). The most hopeful one displays the cards details as normal but as it starts to load up some slight spatterings of colour appears on the black screens and then the monitor goes into standby and the pc continues to load. If I run safe mode with the card inside it loads to desktop but whenever the keyboard or mouse is used these lines of colours start changing colour rapidly. I haven't tried anything drastic to encourage them to work, I was just wondering what avenues may be open or whether it's even worth bothering.

If there's nothing I can do myself, has anyone ever had a graphics card repaired?

By the way I'm running a 2.6Mhz Celeron with 256MB RAM and XP with SP2.

Thanks in advance for any help.

  DieSse 23:12 19 Jun 2006

*Faulty Graphics Cards - Is there any hope?*


No-one in their right mind would try to repair a budget graphics card. I just bought a fanless GeF 5200 for 46€ - it ain't worth any hassle of any kind.

Try giving the edge connectors a run over with an eraser as a very last resort.

  mike1967 23:28 19 Jun 2006

Well they do say people will buy any junk on ebay

  Ricktos 08:09 20 Jun 2006

As budget as they may be, they're still an upgrade from what I have at the moment!

DieSse - what will using an eraser on the connectors do?

mike1967 - Thanks for your comment, you're an inspiration.

  DieSse 08:26 20 Jun 2006

*what will using an eraser on the connectors do?*

Clean them.

  Ricktos 09:10 20 Jun 2006

Okay thanks, will give it a go tonight.

Any other suggestions would be welcome...

  keef66 09:42 20 Jun 2006

I suspect 'untested' actually means tested but found to be faulty. I'd stop messing about with them in case you bugger up your mobo.

Either try selling them again on Ebay (could you do that with a clear conscience?), or alternatively you could try selling the fans on Ebay; people are often looking for replacement fans for budget cards; the one on my MX440 is knackered for instance. You could get a fiver each.

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