Faulty file associations or more serious?

  [DELETED] 14:53 27 Mar 2006

I havent payed much heed to this but its been getting more recent,what happens is this when i open a program,and then close it when im done say,diskeeper to defrag the hard drive, i then open avast to manually check for updates, the firewall pops up telling me that DKservice.exe is trying to connect to avast to check for updates,now i know dkservice is part of diskeeper
but why would it try to connect to avast?.

It is not just this app i opened netmeeting for a while and the same thing happened after i closed it and tried to check my email firewall poped up and asked if conf.exe could go online?

I have done all the usual scans and nothing shows up,is this a windows fault or firewall bieng over zealous,firewall is sygate btw.

  spuds 17:40 27 Mar 2006

With my very limited knowledge of computers, and possibly a nonsense answer. Could it have anything to do with the Avast programme and the virus scanning procedure in Avast (ie checking before allowing anything to go on-line).This as you suggest, may trigger a file association.

  [DELETED] 19:20 27 Mar 2006

Could be,but it is the firewall that alerts me that the program i want to use,(could be any app that goes on line),has been started by another program,IE: if i open my email client then the firewall alerts me that avast email scanner is trying to connect as well, this i can understand because it has to check emails,but i don't see why any other program should try to connect to my email account like DKservice.exe/DKICON.exe/DFRGNTFS.exe as these are related to diskeeper and i cant see why these app's should need to go on line with my email client.
I perhaps haven't explained it as clearly as i should but its hard to describe what is happening.

Its like when you have a virus or Trojan and it hijacks an app your firewall pops up telling you it has changed since last time it was run and asking if you want to allow it.

It is not just my email client when i went to update avast the firewall popped up telling me that conf.exe wanted to connect to the avast server,i had not long since closed netmeeting when this happened.

It seems weird to me and i cant explain why it happens lol.

I was wondering if anyone else has had similar things happen.

  [DELETED] 21:38 27 Mar 2006

Well,i have run every scan i have and even an online one,and all came back clean,i think this is just one of those little windows querks and i will have to live with it,lol.

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