Fatal exception occured on Vita scan 3.1

  [DELETED] 17:21 09 Aug 2003

I just had a message to say 'a fatal exception 06 has occured at 0000:0000543 the current application will be terminated'

  xania 16:03 10 Aug 2003

Sorry, but we'll need much more information before we can start, including operating system, history of similar problems or previous satisfactory working. I'm guesssing that you were trying to scan something when the problem arose. What scanner, what software, what generation of drivers, and so on.... Have you checked for yourself on and web sites for known errors etc?

  [DELETED] 16:24 10 Aug 2003

The scanner is a Umax 122OP, Used on Presto page manager. I've tried fixing any errors with the scan disc and it found no errors. I went back to Presto page manager and this time didn't freeze but the error returned as before. I don't know which web-sites to visit. Also I don't know the age of the drivers because it's been brought second-hand from freinds who we can't get in touch with. Help.

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