Fatal exception error OE 0028:C002B85D

  Tony-B 00:09 07 Mar 2003

After a format and re-instal of windows 98SE and the addition of a Hauppage TV card my computer on shut down sometimes throws up a fatal exception OE error message. It indicates that an error at 0028:C002B85D has occured. When i hit Ctrl Alt Delete it then shows 0028:C0031C86.
I then shut down using the power switch and then have to wait for scandisk to go through the motions when i switch on again.
Can anyone explain what is going on and how can i remedy the problem.
Is this a hard ware conflict with the TV card?

  Lozzy 01:44 07 Mar 2003

The error msg you say is 0028:C002B85D but does it have the letters VDX after it. If yes then Read article number 189655 which relates to your error message in vdx.

Hope this helps you

  MartinT-B 09:28 07 Mar 2003

You could have linked him...

click here

OE is a page fault error


What are fatal Exception 0E: Page Fault
The Page Fault interrupt allows the operating system to implement virtual memory on a demand-paged basis. An interrupt 14 usually is issued whenever an access to a page directory entry or page table with the present bit set to 0 (Not present) occurs. The operating system makes the page present (usually retrieves the page from virtual memory) and re-issues the faulting instruction, which then can access the segment. A page fault also occurs when a paging protection rule is violated (when the retrieve fails, or data retrieved is invalid, or the code that issued the fault broke the protection rule for the processor). In these cases the operating system takes over for the appropriate action.

Type "Fatal Exception" into your search engine to find more info

  MartinT-B 09:31 07 Mar 2003

More info click here

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