Fatal Exception Blue Sreen Crash

  Red5 10:23 29 Jun 2003

I run W98 and get a Fatal Exception 0E at 0028:FF040763 in VXD OPEN HCI (01) + 000040C3, this was my first one that I could not fix. In the last few days it has changed to similar but FF042DA3. It is driving me nuts, I don't know what has happened if the kids have done something or what but I need help before I go insaine. It is very spasmodic some times it takes you 5 maybe 6 times to start the PC and you can be on it for hours and nothing happens, other times it crashes every few minites. Can anyone help????

  Philip2 16:58 29 Jun 2003

I was unable to find any info on the two errors showing it looks like you will have to reformat and reinstall your OS don't forget to back up your data before formating.You could wait to see if anyone else more up on I.T. could help.

  bof:) 20:04 29 Jun 2003

hi Red5,

like Philip2 I'm also having problems tracking down any reference to your exact fatal exception error. But some of the pages I'm reading do mention USB and game settings.

One suggests you may have something left in your registery that needs cleaning out. You can find a good registery cleaner on this website...its free try running it first and rebooting your PC.

click here

Also if you have got your windows 98 cd to hand, check if all of your 'System Files' are ok.

to do this:

put your cd disk into your cd drive and when it starts up cancel it.

Then go to Start>Run and type in SFC and press enter.

This will take you to a box called 'System File Checker', just follow the directions it gives you.

Generally DO NOT delete or replace any file that is older than the one you already have on your hard drive.

Also have you or the kids downloaded something before problem begun? If so delete it and reboot your PC

I hope this helps, but as Philip2 says...I'd hold back for someone with a bit more IT awareness to read this problem 1st.


  bof:) 20:04 29 Jun 2003


  Red5 07:49 08 Jul 2003

I think it is to do with the ISB controllers as I had a look on the microsoft web site but only gave info on W98ME which is a little different to W98, still struggling but will try the file checker on CD. Any further help will be greatfully received.

  Red5 07:51 08 Jul 2003

Sorry I meant USB controllers.

  bof:) 15:31 28 Jul 2003

HI Red5,

I'm not sure of the SFC 'System file Checker' is on the win98 cd.

To work mine, I just have to go to 'start' the 'run' and type into the box SFC and then press enter.

If you have it you should see a box that says something like 'System File Checker'.

And below that you should have the option to scan for altered files.

To correct the altered files you need to have put your windows 98 cd into your cd drive (canel it when it starts to run) and then type in D:\win98 into the box where System file checker asks to go to for a copy of the altered or corrupted file.

As a general rule do not delete files that are younger than the 1 on your win98 cd.


  Red5 08:51 10 Aug 2003

Thank you for the responces, I have done everything that you sugested. I have since re formatted C drive and re installed W98, I now have a different fatal exception as above 0E but the number is now 0028FF03E383, this one does not happen as much, any ideas on this one.

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