Fatal exception 06 has occured

  recap 13:39 16 Nov 2003

To begin, I ran a Trojan Scan and it found a Trojan "Downloarder.Clispri.a that can be found C:\Windows\AppsData\ABBS.exe". The scan told me that AVG had quarentined it but I cannot find it in AVG.

I decided to Scan Disc and Defrag. Whether I Scan disc or defraged in normal mode or Safe mode my computer will not complete the tasks.

The first atempt in Safe Mode gave me an error message telling me that I had to install Windows. When I hard re-booted Windows booted normally.

I have looked for this error message with two results, the first tells me that I have to disable either McAfee or Norton of which I have neither, or, that my RAM is faulty.

The rest of the fatal exception error reads: "at 0000:00000063 the currect application will be terminated".

Any body any ideas as to what is happening?

  howard60 14:56 16 Nov 2003

you have a virus that the current virus checker is not recognising. See if you can download the latest version. If all else fails go online to trend micro and they can do an online virus check for you.

  recap 15:45 16 Nov 2003

Thanks howard60. Since my posting I updated AVG, this time it found 3 one of which was the Trojan I mentioned.

Still can't defrag though.

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