fatal error when repairing/installing xp-now stuck

  theDarkness 17:25 08 Jun 2010

I had an earlier problem with my system not starting up (no beep when switching on, no user screen, just a black one). I found out it was due to the fan speed of my own bought power supply being at its fullest, so that was all sorted when I turned it to anything but that. Starting up with the psu now works fine.

I tried a repair on windows today though after noticing some windows directx services werent functioning as they should (i couldnt update directx either-from google it seemed more common that i thought it would be, registry issues etc) but now im in a worse situation! I tried my repair on windows xp home with the xp dvd, and C: wasnt showing up to repair, only D (which is the partition on the same hard-drive). Even then, windows gives me a "FATAL error 426-cannot install XP" message. Ive tried to hit F8 and revert to the last safe working state, but im stuck as it keeps showing the screen to finish my repair/installation of windows. I dont want to do a fresh xp installation just yet, if there is a chance I can save some files from C, so does anyone know what I can do?

Is there a way to view an internal desktop hard drive on a laptop using a certain cable/connection? I dont have another desktop here for easy access to the hds, only the problematic old desktop and this laptop. Since I had selected a repair (and couldnt select C), nothing should be deleted, but Im still wondering as to why when choosing a repair, that C: does not show up, despite before the repair it had started up ok and would show on the boot screen? I am replacing the desktop soon! thanks for any help

  lotvic 17:55 08 Jun 2010

Have you tried pressing F3 to exit the setup screen when attempting the repair/install?
It should then stop the install and start up normally on next reboot.

  Ashrich 18:04 08 Jun 2010

It's quite possible that the C drive wasn't showing because Windows doesn't think it needs to repair the OS , it will only show when things get really messed up .


  theDarkness 19:00 08 Jun 2010

It says its 'searching for any copy of windows', it doesnt seem to look for damaged copies that might need comparing- but that doesnt explain as to why it would list ONLY D: as having windows installed, when only C: does! Its very odd. I have the option of either repairing D: (!) or installing a fresh copy of windows. Im not surprised that selecting D does nothing since it should not have xp on it anyway

If I choose to install a fresh copy, it THEN finds all the partitions, listing both C, D, and 'unpartitioned space'.. unfortunately my unpartitioned space is only 7mb, so I cant install a temporary copy of xp on there to save my files, lol. I dont want to try a fresh install to C incase it doesnt work again. My partitions still show as not being empty, so it would seem XP is still on C, and all my files still on both C and D, with no way to access them other than by buying an external hard-drive casing to get them via usb (connecting it to this laptop).

  T I M B O 19:08 08 Jun 2010

1) Have you anyway of putting that hard drive to another pc and slaving all the data of yours to another location?

2) When you try to boot up into windows, what do you get exactly? dual boot? or a white cursor flashing on the top left of a black screen ??

  theDarkness 19:18 08 Jun 2010

I have one hd installed right now, with 2 partitions, C and D. windows was on C.

(1)-I dont have that option to transfer files right now unless I buy an external casing for the hd, as right now I only have this system (a laptop) or a mobile phone, lol.

(2)-when I boot up now, it tells me it needs to finish the installation (from my initial repair), so I cant get to my user screen at all. since it tries to repair any partition except C, it fails every time. my data must still be safe on C as it still lists its size as not being empty when the xp disc checks the partitions when I choose a full install (but i dont go through with it).

Is there a way to resize a partition from the boot screen? Perhaps then I could reinstall a clean full xp onto either C or D successfully. If not, I may try a full install onto the D partition, wiping it completely as a last resort, as I wont lose that much that way. Resizing from boot up is surely possible

  T I M B O 19:22 08 Jun 2010

This will help, i have one and they are awesome>> click here

With this you can slave all ur data to another pc, piece of cake.

Best to be safe and do this 1st ,,, just to be on the safe side !!

Then you can play.

  theDarkness 19:22 08 Jun 2010

"Perhaps then I could reinstall a clean full xp onto either C or D successfully"

- sorry, I meant I could then perhaps reinstall onto a NEW partition, not C or D, if I could resize C or D to gain space for creating a new one that could hold a copy of xp! ;)

  T I M B O 19:23 08 Jun 2010

Well actually ,,, when u do a clean install, you need to blow away & delete all old partitions & being it's xp i think, then do a slow format, this slow format does what's called a chkdsk b4 install of fresh xp

  theDarkness 19:37 08 Jun 2010

Ive done a full install before on xp, it did not delete any old partitions before on the same drive, but my disc is xp home which has service pack 2. perhaps earlier copies of windows deleted partitions as you say, I dont know.

I might try pc world tomorrow for one of those cables (not far from here), although im not betting that theyll have one- and if they do, if itll be anywhere near the £9 mark thats listed above, more like £15-20! lol. thanks

  T I M B O 19:41 08 Jun 2010

This is a very good link and will explain step by step what you need to do ,,, best of luck.

click here

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