FAT32.....Maximum download limit?

  [DELETED] 16:20 23 Dec 2003

Hi one and all, is it true that a FAT32 HDD is restricted to 4.0GB of space to anyone file?....if so how on earth can i change to NTFS...is that possible or is that a whole new HDD?


  [DELETED] 16:22 23 Dec 2003

Yes its true. What version of Windows?

You can convert 2000 and XP but using the convert command.

click here

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  [DELETED] 16:26 23 Dec 2003

I thought it was 2Gb. What os are you running. You cannot convert to ntfs if you are running '98.

If you are running xp go to Start\Run and type cmd

In the box type convert X: /fs:ntfs where x is the driver letter you want to convert.
You will get a message that the drive is in use if you are converting C. Say yes to converting at the next restart. You may also have to enter the label of your hard drive at some point. Say yes to any other questions.

Done this many times. Never had a problem. All your data should come through intact.

  [DELETED] 16:31 23 Dec 2003

thanks guys...i cannot tell ya how much this helps!!!...by the way..using xp home!!

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